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buy puppy breed Cane corso

comprar cachorro raza Cane corso

Why buy a cane corso puppy?

The cane corso is the best breed in the world.

He is faithful, intelligent and extremely balanced, he is a guard of human security, he is the best guardian for the family, his balance his power accompanied by his intellect, they make him the cane corso of all the guard races the best !!

Guardian for the family



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Of all the guard breed the best.

instinct of guard without working it, this is a question that many people ask themselves !!

Do I have to train the Cane corso ?




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The cane corso and his instinct to keep and protect his family is innate, he does not work, he does it alone.

Powerful and balanced

A) Can I do great races, sport  with my cane corso?

Of course, with the cane corso you can play sports.

The Cane Corso can play sports and can do long runs, never at a young age because the bones and muscles are not ready.

in the puppy season, very careful with stairs and excessive sport, it is growing.

Approximately after 15 months the Cane Corso can do long walks and run a lot of time.

So we can enjoy the sport with the Cane Corso.

B) Cane Corso loses hair?

It is a breed of short hair and it does not have allergic reactions. The Cane Corso is not a race that loses a lot of hair, only in times of molting, the best thing is that the Cane Corso has short hair, it is a hair that does not react for allergic people.

Therefore it is wonderful to be inside the house.

C) Cane Corso is the best guard dog?


The Cane Corso of our era, I specify this because the Cane Corso in the 90s, the males used to weigh about 50 kilos maximum, the standard picks it up until now, the Cane Corso has been evolving and has gradually been gaining weight, I would say that currently we are almost in the 60 kilos of a male.

Therefore bigger than the Argentinian bulldog, the Cane Corso are not excessive, can coexist with other breeds, the bulldog many times can not do it, the Cane Corso has no problems.

If he arrives at a puppy house and has a small dog but of legal age, and the Cane Corso lets him send.

He is very sure of himself and that gives him that balance.

D) Cane Corso, family and children?


Your Cane Corso puppy will be spectacular with the children.

It is a race, wonderful, it has very good socialization.

Our nephews, 3 years old and 6 years old, play with the puppies, wonderful to enjoy those wonderful moments.

Our line of blood and our Cane Corso puppies are based on legendary brutus X-man, world champion.

A living legend in the breed, which gives us wonderful Cane Corso puppies, the breed is the best in the world, it has no comparison, it has everything we normally look for.


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mi nombre juanma morato de corsos de x-man
Juan Manuel Morato.

Con los niños, el cane corso es espectacular , es atento y cuidadoso .

el cane corso es increíble Para hacer deporte o se amolda muy bien a los apartamentos .

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