There are many people who have told us that they want me to share more information about the Corso X-man kennel or about the activities or education we do here with the dogs. Then it occurred to me that I could talk to them about feeding and teach them a little about the natural diet we prepare and the amount we need to feed our Cane Corsos. When it is 12:00 noon we already know that it is time for lunch, so from earlier we start with all the preparation of the menu.

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Well, after this introduction I want to go to the point and explain the procedure we do in Corsos X-Man to feed our dogs… let’s see.

How we feed our Cane Corsos at the breeder

There are four days a week that we prepare them chicken with shredded vegetables, many times we shred it ourselves and other times we buy the typical shredded stuff from the supermarket that contains pumpkin and carrots, we mix in about 15 kilos. Of course this is much cheaper when you do it yourself, but it is also true that there is a great investment of time when you have to cook, boil and grind so many vegetables. So when you can’t or don’t have time, my advice is to buy the shredded and invest in it.

At lunch we also mix apple, anchovy (you can also replace it with tuna). For example, sometimes I replace the anchovies with tuna because with so many things to do in the kennel we don’t have time, also many times it takes us a whole day to make the menu because any type of food we make here we have to check it millimetrically and we have to clean it.

This food would be for about 20 dogs Cane Corso so I think we could add about 13 kilos of veal.

Well, there are many people who tell me what is the difference between a dog eating feed and eating a natural diet, for example chicken is a fundamental ingredient that provides many nutrients to the Cane Corso’s coat. When you have a bad diet with a very regular feed, for example, obviously this is noticed in the health, in the joy of the Cane Corso, the dog is sad, it has no sparkle.

Then there are many people who tell me that they don’t have time to do all this preparation that the natural diet requires. A good idea would be to do it all in one day and freeze it by fractions in sachets.

Well, continuing with the mixture the next thing to do is to beat it and that’s it.
Remember that there are many people who choose to give 100% natural protein to their Cane Corso which means giving him chicken carcass, this is much better than putting ash, be careful with the croquettes, I am not saying that all feeds are bad of course not but the natural diet that I recommend here is a menu that we make and that is made with the necessary ingredients to provide all the components for the dog to have a spectacular diet.
the dog has a spectacular diet. When you give the dog the mashed food he likes to chew and loves it and you get happy and content so if you give him mashed food every day the truth is that he would get tired of it, it is a very good balance that has worked for me personally.

We have discussed that we have approximately 20 adults here and this means that in food there should be about 23 to 24 kilos more or less. We must take into account that there are dogs that eat less and there are dogs that eat more to the point of obesity or there are cases in which the dogs are not gaining weight, in any of these cases we regulate the dose.

In conclusion, when we talk about natural diet, we talk about percentages but the relative percentage because here there are dogs that eat more than the natural diet.
percentage is relative because here there are dogs that need extra feeding and there are other dogs that we have to
dogs that we must reduce to the feeding dose because they are out of weight.

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I am very happy because I see that the Cane Corso community is growing every day and I am glad to know that you are part of it. If you have any comment or opinion remember you can leave it here below in a comment. See you soon. See you next time.