the food cane corso is very important for us.

the italian Cane corso or italian mastiff ,From the beginning of all times the animals dogs, cats existed before the feed, they fed naturally from what nature supplied them. The italian cane corso or italian mastiff ,is no Expeccion, many are the virtues of the raw natural diet, although the diet has followers and detractors. We personally have been betting on the natural diet for many yearsfor ours italian cane corso . Many virtues, such as higher muscular level, spectacular absorption in the body, many less feces, better capillary quality, impressive brilliance, greater energy and health. For some time we have made our own menu for italian  cane corso and adult puppies with meat , Fish, vegetables and oils. For the puppies of Cane Corso 6 months ago we bought an industrial chopper, in order to pass from breastfeeding to natural food, passing days before by the probiotic to prepare the puppy’s gastric juices, for adults we combine days of the crushed menu Balanced and fleshy bones and chicken carcass. Every day we bring new ingredients, trying to improve the food of our spectacular cane corso in our paradise in Barcelona.

Our way of raising is a responsible and familiar breeding, We do not have cages, our dogs live in groups, eat together, and enjoy sport and a healthy and happy life. Enjoying games at the pool, and a perfect job of socializing.
We fed our dogs with meat, vegetables and fish the natural diet Barf. If you are looking for a place to sell cane corso, this is your site.

We have been selecting the character and phenotype of the Cane Corso for 10 years, making crosses with exceptional characters and performing the character tests before crossingof couse very important food cane corso. Only the best specimens of beauty, character and health are part of our breeding program.

We perform all phases of socialization of all our puppies, so that in the future our customers enjoy happy and balanced copies.

We will be delighted to see you in our paradise fall corso Italian of Barcelona in Spain, it will be a pleasure

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