During all these years of experience with Cane Corso we have met clients from all over the world and collected many incredible anecdotes. Today I would like to share with you what one of my clients thinks about the breed, what he liked most and what surprised him most.

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Questions and answers I asked a Cane Corso customer

Is there anything that has surprised you about Cane Corso that you didn’t know before?
I have been surprised by many things and the truth is that if I had to highlight something it would be his kindness and intelligence. When I speak of kindness I refer to his nobility as a balanced dog, with a remarkable behaviour in his home and with his family, he knows the position he has at home. I think that nobility would be an important characteristic that I did not expect and that I love.

How is the Cane Corso in the house? Has he destroyed it?

No, they haven’t destroyed my house, they did break a couple of mattresses when I had just arrived home, but now nothing. I have two Cane Corso and at the beginning they used to dig a lot next to the trees and plants but this was done when we went outside the house but inside it was not much, just the mats.

They have never bitten a chair or any other mischief of this kind inside the house, outside I had to keep an eye on the plants, I even had to put up fences but now they are used to it and don’t touch them.

Still, it was better to teach them to respect plants than to teach them not to damage things or furniture in my house.

You bought the Cane Corso so that they could stand guard, have they fulfilled this function? Do you feel satisfied?

It’s true, I bought this breed for that purpose but I also wanted dogs that had a certain volume. I am very satisfied with the dogs because they do fulfil their function of guarding, even I myself have done tests at home I told a couple of friends who visit me little to come to the house and try to jump the fence or enter and the truth is that the Cane Corso protect very well, my friends did not manage to enter.

The best thing is that their guard is very smart because they don’t attack unnecessarily, what they do is warn. He doesn’t do this kind of guard that barks every time he sees a dog walking, my dog for example what he does is sit in the entrance of the house like a statue and from there he watches. As she is always so serene and serious this instills self respect towards other people, she looks imposing, to this we must add that she has a strong and voluminous physique. As she stares at you there is little desire left to enter the house.

The last question is about a subject that was worrying you, when you contacted me you were very worried about the children and your wife, it was fundamental for you that the Italian Mastiff would not have problems living together and that your family would be safe, tell us how has it been going with this?

Yes, I was very worried because my children are not easy with animals, they are too naughty with dogs and I didn’t know how a Cane Corso could react to this being a big size dog.

The truth is that this breed is phenomenal with children and with the family, my children are mischievous when the dogs are drinking water, when they are eating, when they are sleeping and the truth is that the patience that the dogs have is excellent. For example, sometimes we put on a film and the dogs arrive at a moment when you want to leave because they are bored and my children don’t let them go, they start playing with them on the mats and the Cane Corso understand children’s games and do nothing, they don’t hurt them, they don’t make a bad gesture, it’s incredible.

I am very grateful to my client Eric for answering these questions, I hope that his answers will be useful to clarify further doubts about Cane Corso. Enric is very happy with his dogs and I am very excited to know that the Cane Corsos are in good hands.