buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

//buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles
  • buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

If you are interested in buying a Cane Corso puppy in Santa clartita, Los Angeles, CA. This is the best place where you can find Top quality puppies. About us we have been breeders for 15 years and we are dedicated to the sale of Cane Corso Italiano puppies, we currently have Cane Corso female puppies and Cane Corso male puppies, we also have gray and blue Cane Corso puppies and black Cane Corso dogs. Hi my name is Juan Manuel Morato I want to talk to you about the best breed in the world the Cane Corso Italiano. We have sold puppies in all parts of the world, ofcourse in US, Alabama – AL
, Alaska – AK
, Arizona – AZ
, Arkansas – AR
, California – CA
, Colorado – CO
, Connecticut – CT
, Delaware – DE
, Florida – FL
, Georgia – GA, Hawaii – HI
, Idaho – ID
, Illinois – IL
, Indiana – IN
, Iowa – IA
, Kansas – KS
, Kentucky – KY
, Louisiana – LA
, Maine – ME
, Maryland – MD, Massachusetts – MA
, Michigan – MI
, Minnesota – MN
, Mississippi – MS
, Missouri – MO, Montana – MT
, Nebraska – NE
, Nevada – NV
, New Hampshire – NH
, New Jersey – NJ, and of couse New Mexico – NM
. Today I want to explain to you about the Cane Corso where I will explain things you don’t know about the best breed. The first time you see Cane Corso Italiano, you see a strong dog, an imposing dog, a dog that infringes respect. Of course, it is a large dog in Cane Corso Italianoes with a lot of bone. But the Cane Corso is not what it seems at first the first time it looks like a lion, but it is an extremely delicate and affectionate dog with its family with the mother with the father and with the children. A dog also that is very attached is a dog that is very sweet is a dog that also if you tell him I scold him quickly is like he is weak and the truth is that it is not what the Cane Corso gives you in the first impression it is completely different.


buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles


It has not happened to you many times in life that appearances deceive sometimes some people seem one thing and they are others, because the Cane Corso Italiano dog is similar, it seems one thing and it is another. That does not mean that the Cane Corso Italiano cannot make a lion, if he sees that his family and what is most dear to him is in danger, he will surely give his life for them. I started making Videos, about the Cane Corso, because I saw that many times there was not enough material, and there were a series of Videos that talked about the Cane Corso as the great fierce dog and that ate everything that moved, and that did not It is true that this is not the case, people are talking who have no idea or have even lived with or lived with the Cane Corso. Sometimes these types of people who do not even know what they are talking about because I have been living and giving my life for the Cane Corso breed for 15 years, make Videos simply so that they have views and collect on YouTube but they really do not take the time or not even to learn and know things about the Cane Corso breed, in your city in Santa clartita, Los Angeles, CA. The Cane Corso is a breed of guard with a great character,  it is a breed that has an instinct of guard, an instinct that can be strong but it is not a dog, neither aggressive nor fierce, nor what is it that eats lions, that is not the Cane Corso. that was important to also make a video and make it clear that the Cane Corso is not a lion it can be a lion yes, you are a dog with an impressive balance it is a super balanced dog super intelligent and that seems to be a security guard for the family but human. Well it is one of the most important characteristics of the Cane Corso, intelligence is a dog that I doubt that there is a breed with the intelligence of the Cane Corso is something beastly, which also if we put it together with the emotional and mental balance it has make it Cane Corso one of the most attractive dog breeds in the world. There is also something that you imagine at the beginning that a Cane Corso is going to have a lot of energy is going to have a lot of Power and that is not so, it is one thing that over time you see that the Cane Corso has a medium energy, especially outside the home and inside the house is a very low energy carpet, also the puppies and sometimes you think that they are going to eat the house that has a super strong super beast energy and nothing to do with it has a calm relaxed energy and inside the house well Obviously they spend a lot of time sleeping. Well I would define the Cane Corso as the great guardian of the family, and I would define it as the Ferrari of the dog breeds, I always like to put that metaphor because a Ferrari is power with control, and when I imagine all that I imagine still Cane Corso Italiano. It is also important how the Cane Corso keeps it because it is a guard protection dog that makes the guard different from other breeds because the first difference is that a dog that is powerful and impressive but that you can control with the voice is a dog that can go up to 200 an hour because he has seen something that does not suit him but if you scold him and give him and explain with your voice the dog slows down and you can control it with the voice other dogs other breeds of dogs is impossible. To this day in 2020, the Cane Corso is the great unknown of the dog breeds, A breed that will surely explode in the future and will be one of the most successful breeds of all the dog breeds, that moment will come although today Today we are far from the Cane Corso being a majority race rather the Cane Corso is a minority breed. For me the Cane Corso Italiano is the best protection breed for the family and the best breed of guardian For me, the Cane Corso Italiano is the best breed of protection for the family and the best breed of guard, which does not mean that it is the strongest reason to stand guard, which does not mean that it will be the fiercest dog, but it does that he is going to make the most intelligent guard with more head and that today is a very favorable point for an expanding breed like the Cane Corso and that in the future will be one of the great breeds of dogs. therefore everything is positive after 15 years I cannot tell you negative things, I would talk to you about the most important thing to make a summary would be intelligence, the second for me would be emotional control the third for me would be how loving and delicate it is it is with the children’s family. The fourth, It would be for example that it is a functional dog that has a very important function that would be the protection of the family and children. And the fifth most important thing that I give the Cane Corso is that it is an off-road dog that can be both indoors and outdoors, it is also a breed as I have said before with a medium low energy level that least I personally like it a lot. What are you waiting for to have your wonderful Cane Corso Puppy we can send it directly to you with our professional shipping company to your home in Santa clartita, Los Angeles, CA.

buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles1

buy cane corso in Santa clarita and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

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