Today new blog about the cane corso the best dog for children, in this article I want to explain the reasons why I think the cane corso is the best dog for children. I want to start by telling the experience of one of my colleagues, she previously had a boxer that she thought was the best breed for children and the truth is it is but since she has a couple of Cane Corsos she has noticed that the level of patience that these dogs have with her children and nephews is spectacular.

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After this introduction let’s go back to the subject of today’s article, I want to tell you through my experience and the experience of my clients and colleagues how is the coexistence of the Cane Corso with children. You can have a complete and balanced family when a large breed dog like the Cane Corso is part of it … let’s see.

Why is the Cane Corso the best breed to live with children?

You have to keep in mind that the Cane Corso is a dog that can weigh around 60 kilos so when you are playing with him logically he is a heavy dog and it is better to be cautious but to this day I have never seen a single bad gesture from a Cane Corso to the little ones in the house. I have even seen how children take food from the dog when they are eating, jump on him when they are sleeping in bed and the dogs do not even flinch, they do not even bark or growl, never a bad gesture.

The Cane Corso has a lot of strength but I have seen when a child takes the leash to give him a walk and the dog understands that he is with a child and he doesn’t even pull, it is incredible. For example, when I feed them I think they are more active but when they are playing with the children they do it with an exquisite delicacy.

Therefore I can tell you from experience and from what I have lived with so many Cane Corso dogs that if it is not the best it is one of the three best breeds to have at home if you have children, all this added to the fact that it is almost a babysitter, that is to say, they are the best guardians you can have for the family and for the children.

You don’t have to be afraid to leave the Cane Corso dogs alone with your children, zero fear, zero uncertainty, obviously my children have been raised with the love for animals, they have never
They have never seen an animal being beaten or yelled at, they have seen the same discipline that we or a child can have, but always with good treatment.

On the other hand, the truth is that the balanced temperament of the Cane Corso is spectacular, I also believe that the education that you give him influences in it, the good treatment, the positive education, also influences the conditions and type of kennel. For example, the kennel brings the genetic pathologies since the temperament of a dog comes from its parents.

I say that the Cane Corso is one of the best dogs to live with children if someone has doubts I hope that this article will dispel them.


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If you have a family at home that includes children surely this article has been very helpful for you and if you were thinking about having the right dog at home surely you have already decided to look for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Providence, United States, if so you have come to the right place.

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I hope you liked this article, I will continue to create more content both on my blog and on my YouTube channel so that you know more about the Cane Corso breed and so that more and more people join our community that every day grows and grows and I am very happy about it. Until next time and I hope to read you in comments.