Cane Corso is a passion and when the Cane Corso bug bites you, you go crazy. In today’s article we are going to talk about very general aspects of this incredible breed, everything you read here is because it is said by the real experts who are the people who have lived day by day with the breed.

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Well, now yes, let’s get into the subject, there are many texts on the internet and a lot of information on the web about the Cane Corso, but in this article you will find content made by people who have really lived with the breed… Do you want to know the information? let’s see.

How Cane Corso started

The Corsican cane is a dog that comes from the Canis Pugnas, an ancient dog that was used for big game hunting and the Romans used it in battles as a front line spear.

In conclusion it was a war dog in ancient times, but little by little it has evolved, then it was used to guard the farmhouses, they also tied it to the heavy machinery. There are many anecdotes about the breed.

All this happened between the 60s and 70s approximately. The heavy machinery was
in the countryside, was something of great value and the Corsican dog was the dog chosen to protect this machinery.

How would I define the Corsican dog today?

I would define Cane Corso today as the guardian for the family. He is a guard dog, but I always put my foot down “for the family” because he is one, he likes the home environment, looking after his own, respecting children, not a problem dog when living together, socialising very well, quick to learn, etc. I imagine that now you understand why he is my favourite breed in the world.

Why do I say that he is a security guard for the family?

Because he is extremely intelligent or extremely clever. The Cane Corso has a very balanced temperament, it is what stands out most compared to other breeds that have the same guard function… He has a hard time biting, if the family is not in an extreme situation the dog will not bite others.

It is a dog that warns and does not attack, only if it is in an extreme situation. If a neighbour knocks on the door it will probably bark to warn you that someone new has come home but it will not bite or attack.

He is a very attached dog. You go for a walk in the woods with a Cane Corso and he will always be close to you, there are many dogs that go 20 kilometres away and you say: where is the dog? but with the Cane Corso this will not happen, he does not move even 2 metres away from you which gives you a lot of peace of mind, you can go out without having to think that the dog might get lost.

For example I want to talk a little about my personal experience with X-Man, I tell X, “don’t go past the door” and he looks at me and sits down at the door. “X, don’t get on the bed”; he doesn’t get on the bed. The Corsican cane is extremely intelligent and learns everything very quickly. It is very easy to educate him and make him a process of socialization from a puppy because he quickly follows your instructions.

In the family aspect and with children it is incredible. It is a dog that can be with children and moulds itself without any problem. For example, my nephew has come to my house several times and he grabs the X-Man’s ears, he does all kinds of mischief and the dog holds on. holds on and holds on. He doesn’t make a bad gesture, or a bad look, it’s something incredible.

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