Welcome back to a new blog post today I want to talk to you about two topics that are very important and that you need to know about if you like the Cane Corso. First of all we will talk about how a Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff behaves at home and secondly I want to explain you a little bit about the heat in this breed.

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For me, JuanMa Morato, the Cane Corso is the best breed in the world obviously honoring and respecting to the maximum to other breeds, I am in love with many breeds but the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is for me the one that is at the top. I am even the owner of one of the best Cane Corso kennels in Charleston, USA, I achieve this thanks to my passion and love for the Cane Corso and to the fact that I have X-Man the world champion in my pack.

It is true that I also love other breeds like the Doberman, the Dogo Argentino but the Cane Corso for me has a very important meaning in my life. Besides, it is one of the most important dogs in reproduction and it is a dog that improves from generation to generation, for example the offspring of our world champion X-MAN have also become champions both in the United States and in Europe.

The other day looking at google I realized the impact that has X-Man, you put in google cane corso X-Man and as a result you get 9 million searches on the subject, you realize the impact, influence and importance it has.

For me it is an honor to be able to work in what I love and next to such spectacular beings as Cane Corso dogs.

How does the Cane Corso behave at home?

Well the Cane Corso is a medium energetic dog and inside the house he can be outdoors with different rhythms, he can be with different rhythms, he may feel like playing but then he may want to be sitting next to his family.

He is a very calm and very relaxed dog, he spends a lot of time sleeping. It is amazing the level of energy that puppies have at home, they learn very fast, they are super intelligent and it is surprising because I remember many years ago on youtube I was talking about the German shepherd that had one at home at that time and he was biting the children’s shoes.

Quite the opposite happens with the Cane Corso, he is super balanced at home, if you want you can check it out and experience it yourself, it is brutal.

Jealousy in the Cane Corso

I want to tell you about a situation that one of his clients had at home some time ago, he has a male and a female, and when the female was in heat he had to keep them separated inside the house but they spent all the time crying. In the case of the male’s first heat it basically went unnoticed.

Bitches go into heat every six months, that is to say 2 per year. The point to highlight when you have a female dog, besides the spots that she can leave when she has her period, is in the case that you have a male dog at home since you always have the risk of pregnancy.

After the dog passed the heat she could be sterilized, she had already had a litter of high quality Cane Corsos puppies, the truth was an excellent litter but my client did not want the dog to have more children.

I wanted to share this experience because the truth was a bit overwhelming for my client, because listening to the dogs crying all day can become an unbearable situation. That is why it is important that you keep in mind the seasons of jealousy in the Cane Corso and always keep in mind that spaying and neutering is also an important issue.

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If you are interested in looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Charleston, United States, remember to contact us, Corsos de X-Man. I hope you liked today’s article, I get a lot of inspiration from what I am constantly asked by clients and people who follow me on my YouTube channel, who write me by email or through this blog.

If you have any questions or want to ask me something remember you can leave me a comment below. Also remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel where every day the Cane corso community grows more and more and where I share original videos with very valuable information about the Italian Mastiff. See you soon. See you next time.