Welcome to a new blog entry, I’m really excited to continue creating these contents and provide valuable information to grow the community of Cane Corso lovers.

Today I want to share with you 4 rules that according to my experience are fundamental to succeed with the business of this breed. First I want you to remember that if you want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Alabama, USA you can do it by following the link below.

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Besides the 4 rules that I want to explain today, I consider that in my case I have managed to have one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Alabama, United States thanks to my passion for the breed, to my years of experience working day by day close to the Italian Mastiff and of course thanks to our world champion X-Man who has become a living legend in the breed, everybody wants a puppy from the X-Man line, it is incredible the influence he has reached in the Cane Corso community.

After this introduction I want to go deep into the subject of this article, I want to share with you 4 basic rules so you can succeed with Cane Corso. Do you want to know what they are? then I invite you to read until the end… let’s see.

Rules to succeed with Cane Corso.

1.The first rule would be love and passion, without this it is impossible to undertake something and if you don’t put the maximum of passion and the maximum of love to things things don’t come out, that’s for sure.

It is almost a law of life not only in a business but in all aspects of life, family, friends… if you don’t put love in it and don’t try every day to do things with love, they probably won’t work out. Therefore it is a primordial point, a fundamental ingredient to season, to be able to succeed.

For me love would be the most important aspect and love includes all the affection, how you treat the dogs, how you treat the puppies, how you take care of them, how you worry about the little things of the day to day, how you try to improve little by little in everything and that is seen in the happiness of the dogs, in your happiness, in everything is seen.

2.The second point is an ingredient that is also fundamental to achieve success with the Cane Corso and would be to keep everything up to date in terms of cleanliness, what I mean by this is that it takes dedication to many aspects such as helping to attend and then clean everything left by the births where many times I do not even sleep because this does not have a fixed time, disinfect and clean the kennel of all the residues that can leave the puppies.

3.The truth is that few people talk about this topic of cleaning and it is indispensable, for example when you have a significant number of dogs, from 5, it is already considered a concentrated site therefore it is a site prone to problems of infections.

So it is very important that you like what you do because this is the only way you can commit to do the rest of things without so much effort, you see it easier, simpler, more enjoyable.

For example, I had to organize my schedule very well, some days I even had to stay up until 11 pm writing a blog or answering customer questions, etc.

The third point would be the conditions which cover many things like for example the condition of the kennel, the conditions of the dogs of their feeding.

All these conditions will make the quality go up, for me the conditions are like having a chair with four legs if for example the feeding is failing you are giving the fairest and cheapest because that leg breaks.

4.The fourth point does not depend so much on the person or kennel, it would be luck, you will wonder why luck, because it is what we do not have in our hands. For example I can explain that I have repeated some litters with the same father and mother and sometimes the quality of the puppies of the first litter is different from the second one, this is luck, it is a point that we can’t control, even if we have the first 3 points of this blog right, luck is something that we can’t influence but we can adjust.

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If you are looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Alabama, USA you have come to the right place. In this article I have explained to you the reasons to succeed in the Cane Corso venture and of course my kennel meets them.

Well friend, black belt of Cane Corso I hope you share the content of this blog and that more people can catch the Cane Corso worm, as you can see for many is the best breed in the world … we read in the next article.