Welcome to a new blog entry, today I want to talk to you about two important topics that I am often asked about by my clients and many people who are part of the Cane Corso community. Today’s topics will be the deworming of the Italian Mastiff and I will also tell you how are the facilities of our X-Man Corso bredeer.

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Thanks to the effort and work for over 15 years today I can tell you that I am the owner of one of the best kennels of Cane Corso dogs in Carson City, United States and in the world. That is why I want to tell you a little of how are the facilities, so you can know the place where all the puppies of the X-Man line, our world champion, are born.

Both our facilities and the recommendations we make, in this case about deworming, are of great importance in the Cane Corso community, our community is growing every day both in our blog and in our YouTube channel.

Well… back to the topic, I invite you to stay until the end of this article if you want to find out how I deworm my dogs and where they live… let’s see.

Cane Corso Deworming

Today I want to talk to you about how we do the dewormings, There are many products on the market but in reality they are practically the same, if you look at the composition, the difference between one and the other is millimetric, if you look at the composition it changes some number or some comma, the difference between one and the other is millimetric.

We are using a product for humans that you can find in the pharmacy and it is called long pair, it is very practical because you can find it easily and it is very cheap.
it comes in pills for 5 kilos.

How do I make the cane corso puppy eat the pill?
We put the broken pill inside a sausage, but be very careful because if the puppy catches you, it will spit you out. Then we move on to the strongest system, which is to open the puppy’s mouth and put the pill all the way in, close his mouth so he can swallow and then check to make sure he doesn’t have the pill.

Corsos X-Man Installations

Hi Guys welcome to the cane corso’s paradise. We are one of the best breeders in the world, if not the best in the world. Today I want to show you part of our facilities.

The first thing we have is the entrance, here, when celebrities come, who lately are visiting us a lot, they cross the door and the first thing they see is our logo: Corsos de X-Man, our banner of the Cane Corso’s paradise.

In addition, we have our super park for puppies, where we train them, we have been working with the Cane Corso for 15 years and this is the park that has helped us a lot for this, here you will find different textures, environments, different types of stairs, etc. We work in all these spaces with the idea of doing a great job with the mind of the puppy to be a family dog, with a super stable mentality, emotionally balanced, with good character and all this we achieve with our Cane Corsos. Let’s not forget that we are talking about a 60 kilos dog and it is important that it is a very stable dog with an incredible mental capacity.

Our enclosures are super big, we have about 10 meters by 20 meters more or less. In addition, for the heat we also have sprinklers where water comes out so that the dog cools off and for the cold we have heating and so everything is air-conditioned.

We also have the area where we keep the food, the chicken, the fish. Here we do BARF diet, which for us, the natural diet is the best diet there is for the cane corso.

We also have all the kennels and materials for the dogs in a metallic container.

Cane corso puppies for sale in Carson City, United States of America

If you are interested in looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Carson City, United States, you have come to the right place. In our kennel you will find one of the highest quality Cane Corso puppies in the world. This is because it is part of the X-Man line and also because of all the education and attention we provide in our facilities, which are fully adequate to always give you the best.

I hope you liked today’s topics, if you want me to write about a specific topic you can write me a comment here and I will take it into account, I love to read you and know what are your opinions, concerns or questions about the best breed in the world: the Cane Corso. Well, see you soon and see you next time.