There are some truths about the Cane Corso breed that I dislike a little, that don’t go very well with my way of thinking but they are there and today I want to tell you what they are.

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Now yes, let’s get into the subject, below I have collected some fundamental data that have affected the breed in its beginnings, surely some of these points are unknown to you but it is good to know about the origins of the Italian Mastiff, if you are as fond of the breed as I am sure you will read until the end… let’s see.

Cane Corso: uncomfortable truths

1.There was a time in the evolution of the breed when some breeders had to recover some aspects and characteristics of the breed. I do not refer to the present time nor to all the breeders, this happened years ago with some breeders that are even booked.
In context that it was a moment that is not the moment of now and many breeders, I do not say one, many breeders, that, today, are in the books, that we say that the history of the Corsican cane.

Some of them made improper mixtures such as looking for a black boxer dog to fix the quality of the coat tone, they wanted the colour to be almost like that of a panther, jet black type.

They also saw that the nose of the Cane Corso was narrower, straitened and very long so they wanted to give it more width by making more mixtures. We know the breeder and the place where these practices were made. Personally I am very annoyed by this information, but it is an uncomfortable truth that many people do not know, but it is what there is and it is part of the history of the breed.

2. In the 80’s and 90’s, what people did was to import dogs from Italy because that is where the breed was and where the dogs were. The Italians dedicated themselves to selling, above all to Russia, the dogs that they liked least and that they thought were not a good type and were not very highly valued at the time, that is to say, dogs that were very prognathic, with many problems, with misshapen eyes, dogs with many wrinkles, etc.

Nowadays, Russia has gone from having level 0 dogs to having level 6 and above, the average Russian breeder has managed to solve the prognathism and the health problems have worked very well. They have dedicated themselves to make a good selection and to make good programmes.

I congratulate the Russians because they are working for the breed and they are doing a good job for everybody.

3. There are many people who can see that the Corsican cane is losing its essence in the sense that it is a dog that is losing character, that it is a dog that is losing fierceness, “power”. This is said above all by people who have been with the breed for a long time, by the first or second generations of the Cane Corso. And, obviously, this is an overwhelming truth. For example, at a beauty show the dogs
have no character or it is very difficult to see a dog with character because it is penalised when the dog turns and grunts or makes a bad gesture to another.

Likewise, all breeders or the great majority of breeders have been adjusting and refining the temperament of the Cane Corsos to make it softer and more “light”, all because it is the most desirable on the market. By this I do not mean that the Cane Corso is a dog that cannot live with its family, only that we must not let it lose its essence as a guardian and protector.

4. At the beginning there were no grey Corsicans, the common ones were the fawn, brindle and then black. How did the grey appear? The answer is to be found in the ancient breeders who, when they began to see grey specimens, saw them as bastards, unfortunately it was a mentality that many people had at that time.

Contradictorily, nowadays it is one of the most commercial colours, there are even world champions in this colour such as my dog X-Man.

I have collected some important information, I hope you liked it. Expand this content everywhere so that more people have more information and can know more about
the Corsican cane, especially people who are beginning to love the Corsican cane; that they have information
and that I can give value to all this that I explain to you. A big hug, see you soon.