You are interested in a Cane Corso in Montpelier, Vermont, USA, and you want to buy an Italian Cane Corso puppy in Montpelier, Vermont. We have a spectacular Cane Corso quality right now. We work with the best bloodline the world champion X-Man line. This is the ideal place to buy Cane Corso puppies in Calpe and we have Cane Corso Italiano puppies for sale in Vermont.

If you are interested in the best Breed in the world today, the Cane Corso Italiano Montpelier, Vermont, this is the best place, Cane Corso Barcelona.

When you start looking for Cane Corso Martín Italiano puppy you start to inform yourself about the breed, it is important that you learn and train about the Cane Corso Italiano breed because this way you will be able to assess when it is a top quality puppy and puppy or a puppy of inferior quality.

Six or seven years ago we started making training Videos, and we opened our YouTube channel to show how the Italian Cane Corso videos are, such as what colors are in the Italian Cane Cors how the Italian Cane Corso behaves with other races etc. In those moments that we started to make Videos there were almost no videos of the Italian Cane Corso and what there was was the Cane Corso the great fierce Roman dog, they were videos of a dog that had nothing to do with what the Cane Corso is for real.



WHERE BUY Cane Corso PUPPY FOR SALE IN Montpelier-Vermont

WHERE BUY Cane Corso PUPPY FOR SALE IN Montpelier-Vermont


For many years we have been selling Cane Corso puppies, the Italian Cane Corso has been our life.

We are not happy and honored to dedicate our whole life to what we understand to be the best breed in the world, trying to promote it to the best of our ability. It is important when you dedicate your time to a job, that you like it and that it is something that you adore, because really things grow with the affection and love that you put into your work.

If you like what you do you can use it more time and it doesn’t bother you if someday you are working late at night.

It would be impossible to breed if I did not like the Cane Corso and not consider my dogs as my children.





We have one of the most important Cane Corso hatcheries in the world, and facilities that I would consider the best in the world today, more than 20,000 m² taking care of every detail to make it a paradise for you by Cane Corso.

Today we have built a track for the socialization process of our puppies where to work and open the puppies’ minds.

We put a lot of emphasis on health, and also evidently on the character and temperament of our Cane Corso, We have a line fixed on a character and a Cane Corso of family and guard.

An ideal character and temperament to keep and protect the family from children.

Diet is a very important point in which we believe blindly. We feed our Cane Corso with a raw diet, and we reinforce with Probiotic or to protect stomach gastric juices. We understand that a dog as large as the Cane Corso that gains 50 kilos the first year must have a spectacular diet and should not skimp on any type of dose in the diet.




We believe that food is directly linked to the process of genetically improving the blood line of health and the care and hair muscles of each of our specimens. If we manage to be better at feeding and giving every day better product we will be every day in the future better in aspects such as the health, muscles, happiness, and hair of our puppies.

What are you waiting for to have a wonderful purchase of a Corsican meat puppy from our of our bloodline, that we can send to you and your family.This is your website, ideal, Where to buy Cane Corso puppies in Montpelier, Vermont, and we have for Sale of puppies of Cane Corso Italiano in Montpelier, Vermont.


WHERE BUY Cane Corso PUPPY FOR SALE IN Montpelier-Vermont

WHERE BUY Cane Corso PUPPY FOR SALE IN Montpelier-Vermont