The Cane Corso is one of the most striking molosser dogs in existence, blending characteristics such as strength, power and elegance with a balanced and moderate temperament. It is for this and many other reasons that he is my favorite breed of dog

In today’s article I want to talk to you about the evolution of Italian Mastiff but first remember to follow this link so you can buy a Cane Corso dog in Preston, England.

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During all this time living and working with Cane Corso I have learned and obtained impressive knowledge about the breed and for this reason I like to create this type of content to share with you all the information about these spectacular dogs.

Today in particular I would like you to know a little about the evolution of the breed and the time it has existed. Do you want to discover it? Then I invite you to read until the end.

Cane Corso a breed in evolution

Unlike other breeds, the Cane Corso is still in the process of evolution, I can explain it better with an example, in the dog shows I have gone to I always analyze other breeds such as the Dalmatians, if you see them in detail you can identify that between them they are very similar, there are almost imperceptible variations between one and the other.

This is due to the fact that they are a very well finished and well worked breed for years, this makes the results very similar and almost completely unified. It is also true that there are kennels and people, in any type of breed, who perform bad practices in their work affecting the quality of the dogs, but if you buy the breeds in a recognized kennel this will not happen to you.

As I mentioned from the beginning, the Cane Corso is a very young breed and although I have spoken in other contents of its origins in ancient Rome, in reality it was approximately 30 years ago when experts identified a dog in the pupi that was different from all others and that could be a new breed.

The Cane Corso is a somewhat complicated breed, firstly because it is a young breed and secondly because if we follow an analogy and cross apples with apples a pear could come out, that is to say there could be differences in the result.

This is due to the fact that at the beginning several mixtures were made as, being a dog that had few specimens, there were not many options to choose from when crossing them.
In addition, some intentional mixtures were also made to add important characteristics to the breed such as more muscle or to give more bone or width to the muzzle for example.

Today we have a Cane Corso that is not fixed, I have even made some videos where it is evident that Cane Corso do not have much quality, I do not know if it is a crisis of quality or that there are people who do not do well the work with the Cane Corso.

The ideal would be to have a breed of type, strong and solvent where there would not be big differences between the specimens, but for the trained eyes where there are specialists and many specimens as in the shows that you can find up to 500 Cane Corsos you can perceive the lack of unification of the breed.

You can see that there are dogs with characteristics of bullmastiff with very fallen face and eyes, others with very big muzzles type German shepherd or dogs with teeth that stand out like those of the bulldog, it is here where you can quickly see that there are some dogs that do not have the right type. and that it looks very fast.

The Cane Corso is a spectacular breed that stands out at first sight for its height and imposing, but it is also true that it is a breed that is about to close, finish or evolve, there is a very nice way to go, we hope that around the year 2050 we will have a very strong, unified and recognized breed among the people, currently it is not very famous and with my work I want it to be common among the people as when we speak in a German shepherd, for example.

I hope that it will become a breed that expands and that it will be better known in the world because it is extraordinary and has a very promising future and present.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to leave us your comments on this blog, if you want us to talk about a specific topic you can also write it here, I love reading you. See you next time.