I am Juan Manuel Morato the owner and owner of X-Man the world champion, I am from Cane Corso Barcelona and I have at this moment for you an impressive Puppy quality, if you are interested in cane corso puppy for sale in Fayetteville we are breeders of Italian mastiff in Arkansas. At the moment we have litter available we have already born Gray and blue puppies and the father is the world champion.


Cane Corso PUPPY FOR SALE IN Harpenden and breeders for buy Cane Corso puppies in Hertfordshire- UK

cane corso puppy for sale in Fayetteville and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arkansas


And tell you that we can send it to your city because we have an incredible transport company that we have been working with for a long time and they are a super professional marvel, they take care of all the details, of the shipping process so that Puppy arrives in perfect condition to your house with your family. At the moment we have puppies available and for sale, in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, Washington, Arlington, Alexandria, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Mass, Anchorage, Urban Honolulu, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Lexington Park, Trenton, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Fairbanks, Baltimore, Columbia, Towson, Manchester, Nashua, Napa, Boulder, Santa Rosa, Vallejo-Fairfield, Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, New York-Newark-Jersey City, Raleigh.



We work with the world champion line, which gives us an incredible quality of Cane Corso puppies, a quality in Puppy that today is superior.

X-Man has fixed our health, and an incredible Cane Corso temperament has not been fixed.


It has given us a guard character, and a very good temperament in our puppies, all this is accompanied by conditions, and a job that we have been doing for more than 15 years, and with facilities today of more than 20,000 m, for our dream and our work with the Cane Corso.

We have recently built as a socialization park to be able to work more deeply with our puppies in this park we work on the mental limits of the puppies so that little by little they leave, overcoming their limits and the future being able to have Cane Corso adults with a temperament and a stable character. The Italian Cane Corso for me is the great guardian of the children’s family, that is the dog that even today is the great unknown of the dog guard breeds while noticing that it is a wonderful dog also of company for the family.

His intelligence and his stable temperament make him a reason with all the positive points to be a member of the family, but with that little point that the Cane Corso does the function of guarding and protecting the property and there our family is most precious. our children.

Today I want to inform you more about a breed that I love the Italian Cane Corso.



It is a breed that in the future album because it has all the ingredients to succeed among all dog breeds, although today it is not known and it has that point of exclusivity that I really like. I define it many times as the Ferrari of the dog breeds power intelligence control and balance, This is the Italian Cane Corso.

In 2020 the Cane Corso is the great breed of company and guard. This has not always been the case, since in the 70s, El Cane Corso was used to store the heavy machinery of the fields and farmhouses.

And if we go much further back in history in Roman times, the Cane Corso was a dog of war, and that it also served to give him the Colosseum.

They have Cane Corso that temperament that runs through their veins that comes from the Roman dog, that temperament that dog so fierce that little by little it has been softened and minimized and that there was today we have this super and wonderful breed with this temperament and this balance So good to be on guard and at the same time to be with family and children.

And the Cane Corso I can both stand guard inside and outside the house so much can be inside the house protecting the family and there are people who like this aspect more because they feel more protected and closer to the Cane Corso and other people who They like it better that at night it is on the perimeter and guarding the property guarding all night.



Only positive aspects of one of what for me is the best breed of dog of all breeds.

if you are interested in cane corso puppy for sale in Fayetteville we are breeders of Italian mastiff in Arkansas

What are you waiting for to have one of our puppies from the world champion line that we can send you today with your family and to your city.



cane corso puppy for sale in Fayetteville and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arkansas

cane corso puppy for sale in Fayetteville and breeders of Italian mastiff in Arkansas