Surely you have asked yourself how a litter of Cane Corsos will be born, the truth is that I feel privileged to live these experiences with the breed that I am so passionate about and love so much.

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I have one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Louisiana, United States and this is thanks to all the years of experience I have with the breed, both in births, as in their feeding, education, etc. In addition, I am fortunate to have X-Man the world champion, who has become a living legend within the Cane Corso community and who provides our kennel with one of the best lines of dogs in Louisiana and the world.

Well, after this introduction let’s start talking about today’s subject, I will provide you with some tips that will help you in case you need to assist a Cane Corso puppy birth… let’s see.

5 tips for before and after the delivery of a Cane Corsos litter

When we are going to have a home birth the first thing you should have done is go to the vet to identify that everything is fine, check the ultrasound and the condition of the puppies Cane Corso and the mother. In the last week before the birth it is essential to take an X-ray so we know almost exactly how many puppies we are going to have. In this way we are already prepared at the time of delivery to know how many puppies we should expect.

The second thing to keep in mind is to have all the necessary resources needed for the birth and to maintain the required hygiene. For example, having garbage bags, I particularly like to have the wipes, cleaning paper and a mop handy. In addition, it is important to have gloves and string.

The thread is basic because at the moment of birth we will have to put this in the umbilical cord making a simple knot so that it does not have hernias. It is important to leave at least two or three millimeters of space to make the knot.

At the time of delivery it is essential to check the temperature, the dogs usually have a flow and a kind of plug that when they come out means that it is already in contractions and that soon would be about to give birth.

The third important point is that during the delivery it is essential to be calm, everything takes time, normally up to two hours between puppies. If it exceeds this time it is an indication of alert, so many times I put on a glove and put my hands in the vulva and try to know if the puppy is coming from the face or from the back, when it is from the back it can be a little more complicated and I try to help the dog to have a contraction, I do it slowly and softly because sometimes the puppies are very big and very strong.

In addition, sometimes during the delivery there are complications, for example a puppy that is not well or is not alive and this makes the delivery longer.

These are the advices that from my experience I wanted to share with you so that you take them into account. I am not a veterinarian but I know a lot about the subject and I always keep in mind the veterinary records and a doctor on hand in case something could get more complicated. Puppies are a priority for me so I always work to ensure their health first and foremost. I have received many litters, I have lived many experiences and that is why today I write this article to share important knowledge on the subject.

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Finally, remember that if you need Cane Corso puppies for sale in Louisiana, USA you have come to the right place, I have the facilities, equipment and care necessary to offer you the highest quality in the market.

Besides, this is a subject that I am passionate about, if you already know me you know that I work in what I like, that Cane Corso is my favorite breed among all those that exist in the world. Every day I wake up with the best spirit to accompany my dogs, to feed them and to provide them with everything they need.

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