Welcome to a new blog, today I want to give you a general summary about the Italian Mastiff, I am sure that if you want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Newcastle upon Tyne, England you will like all the information I bring for you.

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Now yes, let’s start…

The Cane Corso also known as Italian Mastiff  Newcastle upon Tyne

The Cane Corso is classified by FC as a breed belonging to the molosser type Dogue and Mastiff. When considered as molosser it means that it is a physically strong, muscular dog with a large skull and predominant jaw, characteristics which make it a good defender.

According to some historical data its name comes from the Latin “cohors” which means caretaker or defender. The Cane Corso is characterised as a guard dog for a reason I call it the guardian of the family. The Italian Mastiff loves to protect the members of his household, he even has a very good relationship with each one, including children.

The Italian Mastiff is considered a multipurpose breed because it is very easy to train it to do different kind of tasks as police dog, hunting dog, guard dog or companion dog. Do you understand why I am so in love with this breed?

The average weight of a male Cane Corso is 45 to 50 kg and that of a female 40 to 45 kg, although it is possible to find specimens that reach 60 kg, this is because it is a relatively new breed and is in constant evolution. Its size and dimensions can also vary for the same reasons.

Most relevant characteristics of the Cane Corso in terms of behaviour

One of its most outstanding characteristics is the feeling of protection and care towards your family, even towards the cattle in case you have a farm. Therefore, it is necessary to implement a process of socialization from puppy to adulthood to maintain a balanced temperament. The good thing is that this socialisation process is very simple as they are very intelligent and learn very quickly.

The great advantage of the Cane Corso over other guard breeds is that it is very delicate with its movements and very patient, therefore it is not a dog that attacks at first and it has very good coexistence with children and will not harm them in any way, when it feels a little overwhelmed by its mischief it simply walks away.

Care and training of a Cane Corso

Their care is simple but they do need dedication like any other dog or pet. In the case of the Italian Mastiff the first thing you should take into account is the daily walks, it needs to go out at least 3 times a day for 30 minutes. In this way you will have a dog without stress and in shape.

You should also take care of his hygiene, Cane Corso requires you to brush his coat at least once a week with a short cord brush so as not to hurt him as his coat is short. In addition, you should shower him every 3 months or sooner if he has been exposed to a lot of physical activity or other situations involving dirt.

When the Cane Corso is trained with positive reinforcement he becomes a very sociable dog, he loves to be surrounded by other people and other pets. The opposite happens when his training is based on negative reinforcements, he can become a fearful dog or can adopt unwanted behaviour.

With regard to health, the dogs in our Cane Corso kennels in Newcastle upon Tyne, England are characterised by being very healthy thanks to the care, assembly and feeding we provide them with. Nevertheless, like any other breed and due to their large size, they can suffer from diseases such as gastric torsion, hip and shoulder dysplasia, glandular hypertrophy and respiratory problems.

I recommend that you give him the necessary vaccinations and that you take him to the vet every 6 months for a general health check.

I hope you liked the information and that you could learn much more about Cane Corso, the best breed in the world.