The Cane Corso was originally a lion, a dog with a fighting character but over the years this has changed and we now have a breed which is still strong but which combines a surprising intelligence and a measured character.

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After this brief introduction I would like to explain the origins of Cane Corso and how it has become a watchdog for the family… let’s see.

How did Cane Corso go from being a war dog to a family dog?

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is a family dog that likes to be with the members of its household. Let us remember its origins, it is a Roman dog that was used for war, they were dogs to fight in the coliseum, they were really lions, it was a dog for big game hunting, i.e. to fight bears.

We can say then that the relatives of Cane Corso coso were dogs very powerful was not a family dog, it was a very strong, imposing dog, a warrior, a lion… was not a dog to be with the family, but little by little we have seen that the Cane Corso has developed and in this same way its functionality.

That inheritance left by his ancestors as uncles and grandfathers of ferocity and war has been transformed into a guard dog but with a very strong character because Cane Corso had it in his veins.

In the 2000’s approximately people have achieved a balanced character or temperament in the breed without losing their guard function. He is still a strong dog, it is in his DNA but not to the extent of being an excessive dog.

Since the year 2000 the dogs have been selected from the litters with the best characters, litter after litter this work has been done and to this day we have achieved a breed with impressive power and perfect mental balance. It is a dog that can be with
family and children.

It is important to clarify that the puppy must have gone through a good process of socialization, education is also a fundamental part in the formation of its character, but in general a breed with a very powerful mental balance has been achieved after many generations.

There are people who are still interested in or like the strong character that Cane Corso had in ancient times, but nowadays a guardian dog is generally preferred for the family. In history we can see that the standards of the breed and its functionality are changing, in the beginning it was a dog that was adapted to its era of the Roman Empire and later, with time it adapted to the maceries, to the people who lived in the countryside, with crops and other animals and that its most precious goods were the machines, therefore the guard function of the Cane Corso was to protect these machines, not so much the families or the crops.

There are many experts in the breed who say that the Cane Corso we have today are Decaffeinated dogs and surely they are right because the breed has been modifying its character but it is still impossible to erase its DNA, so without working it is already a guard dog that protects its and its family.

Today the Cane Corso is a dog that can be in the family, which is an aspect that was missing in its origins because in the past it was a lion. Throughout these 15 and 20 years and after many litters and generations things have changed a lot.

I like the Cane Corso that we have today or that the great majority of people have, I like it very much, I love it… I understand that it is a dog adjusted to the present time and it is becoming the king of the guard breeds for the family and it is something that I really like because the breed deserves it, it deserves to expand, it deserves to be an important breed and I am sure that in a couple of years more it will have much more recognition and fame.

Well I hope that you have liked this article that you have been able to know a little more about the origins and the evolution of the Cane Corso and its temperament, aspect that has become a great quality and has given an added value to this powerful breed.

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