I love today’s theme, you know my passion is locked up in two words: Cane Corso. Here I will tell you a little bit about those times when I started to fall in love and discover this breed and how it has become my way of life today.

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Now yes, no more detours, I will tell you my story with the Cane Corso or Italian Mastóin, how I discovered this wonderful breed and how today I have managed to create and maintain a business and lifestyle that I am passionate about and love deeply.

My story with Cane Corso in Norwich, England

Many years ago I was lucky, almost by chance, to meet a pair of Cane Corsos through an old couple, they were a male and a female that had been imported from Sicily to Barcelona.

The male was very big, super strong, about the size of X-Man, the female was also big but a little smaller than the male. They were both spectacular specimens in black.

I fell in love when I saw them and had my first contact with them. I remember that the male had dysplasia, the back was very bad, besides he was a dog with a lot of bone that did not move at all well.

This story happened many years ago, the breed in general had many problems and in this case the back of the male was very bad and the character a little regular in the sense that it was like childish or immature. The female was a worthy example of Cane Corso, her name was Ursula, she was very beautiful, very intelligent, had a lot of bone, good size, did not have the problems of the male and had an incredible character, balanced and calm (typical of Cane Corso).

Time went by and Cane Corso was getting quite old, so I thought about acquiring a specimen but more as a hobby because I was concentrated in my construction bussines, I never thought that Cane Corso was going to become my livelihood or that I was going to do something so important.

I was looking around Spain and it was difficult to find someone who had puppies of this breed, one day I finally found a girl named Nuria who had a litter of Cane Corsos and lived around Barcelona. The truth is that I was fascinated by the family breeding she gave the puppies, the specimens had a very good character and I decided to take a male and a female.

This moment was crucial in my life because from these first two Cane Corsos was born one of my best females called Inu which is in almost all my pedigrees. Inu was not very big, she was medium size, but she was too beautiful, elegant and intelligent, with a very balanced character and that gave me incredible dogs.

Afterwards, little by little and over the years I began to attend shows, and as I am very competitive I literally compete even with my children, I went to Italy to manage the taking to Spain of one of the most important dogs at that time and I made a contract with this dog for a year to be able to move him in shows and to use him in reproductions.

At this time I had my beginnings as a businessman in this field, this dog helped me to give a higher level to all my litters and helped me to get a great recognition, it was a step to grow.

I remember that this dog was great, it had many virtues and clearly lacked, in general terms it was a dog that was not very big, with moderate bone, black in colour that had an incredible character, it was smart, intelligent, balanced, it was a dog that gave me a small jump in quality, as well as Alonso who was another multichampion that we had.

Later X-Man arrived and this really gave me many jumps of quality, in reproduction, in type, in bone, in size, in very solid colours, in super intelligent character, in muscle, in giving very homogeneous puppies. This last aspect was something that was not given before X-Man, the homogeneity has given him is a merit that has to be attributed to this champion.

And then little by little I have been growing until arriving at today where I have the opportunity to tell you this history that so much moves me. Do you like me?