That you would buy a Cane Corso Male or Cane Corso Female, which is the best decision. What to buy ? Italian Cane Corso Among all the best breeds, they have their important guard spot as it has its role within the family and is a magnificent companion dog.

First let’s talk a little bit, what would be the definition of Cane Corso would be the great guardian of the children’s family.

In 2020 Cane Corso is the Ferrari of the dog breeds. My name is Juan Manuel Morato, I am from Corso de X Man.




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Cane Corso males are different from Cane Corso females, they are different in bone size and usually in the middle level of character they have.

With the family, the male and female are extremely affectionate.

What best choice a Cane Corso Male or Cane Corso Female what to buy?

There is no difference in the attitude of a loving male Cane Corso or a female with the family although the character of the males is much more childish!


Buy cane corso puppy male or buy Cane Corso puppy female

Buy cane corso puppy male or buy Cane Corso puppy female



The male of Cane Corso matures more slowly, The female faster, He takes control of the perimeter and the property, he is quicker to define what it is to his house and his family and he goes all over the farm guarding the fences and the property entrances.



The male, on the other hand, is much slower when it comes to undertaking surveillance,

It matures much slower, although when there is a major problem it is the first to take center stage.

It reminds me a lot of the male Cane Corso and the female Cane Corso, They remind me a lot of the lions, Where the male lions spend a lot of time sleeping, And the female lionesses do everything, for the family they hunt and protect. Both are super temperament.

As for the Cane Corso males, the female is a lot to hear a noise, Something strange and look where her family is to back down and protect from the side, Instead the male is a lot to go for the noise to the intruder .

They are differences in the guard in the behavior and I always say the same there are always exceptions there are always females that go for the noise but to the extent of the specimens that are known that is the average behavior of the male and the female.

There are many people who want to know whether to buy a male or a female.

There are many differences apart from the character apart from the size apart from the heights, the males much more imposing than the female, although we are talking about a powerful large breed like the Cane Corso that a female can be 55 and 60 kilos a large female a female. normal small because I can do 45 to 50 kilos.

I say this because a 45 kilos or 60 kilos female is not a small dog, this for some people can make them open their minds to think that the Cane Corso is not a small breed and picking up a female is not going to be small at home.

There are many people who believe that the issue of zeal hurts when it comes to having a Cane Corso puppy and may be one of the reasons to choose a male or female specimen.

I always answer that the female the heat is every six months therefore once a year and the males when they are adults begin to mark and that is for life they do not begin to mark once a year but they always mark at Sometimes in the apartment next door when there is a female in heat they go crazy.

They are important differences to value each one who makes her decision, because I already have mine, many males of Cane Corso and many females of Cane Corso

That is sure. This is how Cane Corso Male or Cane Corso Female to buy is solved, a question that many have thought.

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Buy cane corso puppy male or buy Cane Corso puppy female

Buy cane corso puppy male or buy Cane Corso puppy female