It is no secret that the love I feel for Cane Corso, I am the number one fan of this breed, they are so impressive and at the same time so sweet that I have found in them a great admiration. Today I want to share with you some basic recommendations if you are interested in buying a Cane Corso dog in Matedepera, Catalonia. Remember to click on the following link:

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I currently have one of the most recognized breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Matedepera, Barcelona because we have many years of experience living with and educating this wonderful breed. In addition, we have the world champion X-Man who gives us a high quality in the breed.

I have been working with the Cane Corso breed for more than 13 years, and I know very well everything about them, not only because I have documented myself in the subject, but also because I have lived with them for all these years.

I am passionate about Cane Corso and the truth is that now it is impossible to imagine life without them, I have attended an infinite number of beauty shows, I have traveled to all continents in search of a Cane Corso, they are my passion and in this article I want to give you 5 recommendations or advice so that your dog is happy at home and you can give him the best care.

Fundamental advice if you have a Cane Corso at home

Is it good or bad to give bones to the Italian Mastiff? I will explain you which ones are good and which ones are not. It’s important that the bones given to it are raw, with cooked bones they have the chance to splinter.

Which bones should definitely not be given to a Cane Corso? Rabbit bones and chicken thighs, neither raw nor cooked because they will splinter.

The good bones for the dog to gnaw on with pig’s feet, calf’s knees, chicken carcasses, all can be chewed on without any problem.

On the other hand, dogs that have never eaten bone can have a problem because they eat it with a lot of anxiety the first time and they can hurt themselves. How can this be solved? giving it from small chicken neck and knee so that it gets used to it, introducing little by little the bone flavor.

Never leave the dog in the car: many people leave the dog in the car for 5 minutes to go to the bank or because they go for a coffee but this should not be done in any case, not even in winter. The dog is much more sensitive than a person to a heatstroke so it is possible that when it arrives to the car the dog is panting and we could have difficulties to revive it.

Another aspect to take into account is when you travel with the dog in the car, he cannot go sitting in the back with a blanket, he must go with a harness and fixed to a belt, if we have any kind of braking and the dog goes without security it could suffer some serious damage, besides if it crashes in the back of the passengers that go in the front part they could also suffer some damage.

You can also go in the trunk as long as you can communicate with the top, fixed with a net so you can breathe and get up but not jump.

What food is not recommended for a Cane Corso? There are many people who give all the food that is left in the house to the dog, this is not a good practice. There are foods that should never be given to him such as caffeine, alcohol, pastries, chocolates, peaches, grapes, raisins, and avocado.

Another bad practice is to self-medicate him and give him pills that we think will help him, when you see some symptoms it is advisable to take him to the veterinarian, these are practices we do with good will but they are harmful for our dog.

When we acquire a dog sometimes it does not have all the vaccines yet, in this case it is recommendable that you do not take it to a vet because of the subject of the infections, as much because it can be detrimental for other dogs as for yours.

You should never physically punish a Cane Corso or any other dog: to educate it you should be firm but always using the positive stimulus based on the rewards, which should be food specialized in dogs, no rewarding them with muffins or sweets.

Another thing that you should not do is to yell at him, it is not a good method of education, the only thing you would achieve is to develop the fears and the aggressiveness in the dog, the best thing is that we always educate him in positive.

If you liked this article remember to leave me a comment below, I am also always open to all questions, advice or recommendations. See you next time!