Today’s article is based on a question sent to me a few months ago by a girl about her Cane Corso. I think it is important to discuss the subject because this information can be useful for many breed lovers who have doubts about feeding their dog.

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If you want to know more about the history of India, a Cane Corso puppy that improved a disability in its paw with feeding then I invite you to read until the end… let’s see.

The case of India, Cane Corso puppy, and the benefits of changing her diet

The question that the girl asks says: “good morning Juan a month ago I acquired a Cane Corso puppy and I admit that I did not know much about the breed, I started to watch your videos on Youtube and I started to learn about the Cane Corso and I liked it a lot. What happened is that when I got home my puppy, called India, started to support her front legs badly and I thought she had hurt herself playing. What was my surprise? that When I went to the vet he told me that it wasn’t a blow but a failure to grow, that his tendons weren’t growing as fast as his bones and that’s why he had that posture in his front leg and prescribed some vitamins.

As I had been watching your videos I decided to give her natural food, I started to give her the probiotic and feed her as you do…. and a miracle happened, the dog started to support her legs well, the only thing I do apart from what you recommend is to give her enriched royal jelly.

India right now walks perfectly and I would like you to help me because I see her a little bit, right now he is three months old, he weighs 14 kilos, I would like you to tell me some advice and to tell me what the weight is. Another doubt would be the amounts of crushed that you give him, I am now giving him probiotic in the morning, two natural yoghurts, one egg, half a spoonful of honey…I don’t know if he is doing well, I don’t know if he is getting hungry I would like you to help me and thank you very much”.

First I want to thank this girl for trusting my knowledge, what I do for example. is that I extrapolate what the girl does with her dog India.

For example, I have a puppy called Princesa who must be about three months old and we are giving her four 250 gram yoghurts every morning, that is almost a kilo of yoghurt. The girl in her text does not specify how many grams of yoghurt she is giving to India but if it is the little ones it is too little.

Apart from the yoghurts we give Princess Mary biscuits, we crush half a packet, with an egg and a spoonful of honey. In general, this is what we do with all the dogs every morning.

In addition, we implement a natural feeding and now we are also including salmon oil and when it is crushed we mix it with this or otherwise we mix it with carcass, we add a syringe of salmon oil so that the dogs have more shine in their coat.

When I started with the natural food I understood that shredding was the best because when a dog Cane Corso for example does not want to eat the anchovy then I thought, I shred all the coconut oil, spirulina, fruit, fish and so they have everything they need.

What is the problem? After 10 days the dogs no longer wanted to eat the shredded food, they are like children, they get tired of the same thing and so I had to change, I had to
provide the crushed two or three times a week and continue with the typical carcass dish, the mash, the fleshy bone there are days that only eat carcasses or days that only eat bone, for example.

It is also a question of playing, of not finding the balance, in the case of India that is a dog of almost 15 kilos and with three months of age, the ideal thing is that it eats 1 kilo and a half a day, I the truth do not follow to the letter these recommendations to the letter because the most important thing for me is to see how they are physically and of there I analyze if I increase him or not the feeding.

I hope you liked today’s article, I love that they write to me and I can solve all their doubts. We will read it soon.