One of the questions that most concerns new Cane Corso lovers is the issue of health, it is true that there are more delicate breeds than others in this area, but in the case of Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff I can tell you that no, it is not a delicate breed in terms of health.

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Some cane corso dog diseases

The Cane Corso is a spectacular breed, just as any dog can suffer from some kind of illness such as stomach twisting, the most important problem in any dog breed is death or stomach twisting which can be avoided with the natural diet as I have mentioned on previous occasions in my videos and other articles. With feed and balanced diets you can have problems with twisted stomachs.

Another point to take into account is that of dysplasia which affects all molosser breeds, as far as Cane Corso is concerned we can say that it is rare to see this disease. There are many blood lines that are clean in the subject of elbows and hips, therefore it can be said that in Cane Corso there is no dysplasia, although evidently there are countries where the affectation of this disease can be seen a little more than in others.

Epilepsy is another type of disease which affected Cane Corso about 15 years ago. Personally, I have never experienced a case of epilepsy with my dogs, but I have spoken with other people from other countries who have had dogs with this disease.

When it comes to the eyes, Cane Corso can suffer from the harder gland, also known as the cherry eye, when the third eyelid protrudes and begins to become large and disturbing to the dog’s vision. This is not something that only affects the Cane Corso, in some of the various breeds, none of the issues or illnesses mentioned here are specific to the Cane Corso.

These diseases can be present in the Cane Corso but at a very minimal percentage, e.g. epilepsy is eradicated at 98%, epilepsy at 99 and the harder gland a little less because there are sometimes a few specimens that can have it.

As it is not a short-nosed breed, it obviously does not have respiratory problems, it can travel without problems in an aeroplane because it can breathe well. It also has no skin problems, there are breeds, of Cane Corso dogs, that bend their folds a lot which can cause the appearance of sores and other skin problems.

In any case, if you are interested in buying a Cane Corso dog and you want to guarantee the health of the dog, what you should do is

  • Choose a quality bredders Cane Corso, which is experienced, has the necessary facilities and care for the puppies.
  • Make sure that their parents and grandparents were or are in good health, in order to reduce genetic diseases to a minimum.
  • That they have had a good diet and that you can continue the proper feeding routine at home.
  • Give him all the required vaccinations and take him to the vet for his check-up appointments.

These measures are also preventative and reduce the chances of Cane Corso puppies suffering from any kind of illness but nobody can guarantee this 100% and this is normal, they are living beings that need love and affection and just like humans at some point they may be lacking in the world on earth.

In conclusion, it is not a delicate breed of health, it is a very strong breed, it even happened to me once that a 9 year old dog was developing a tumour and the truth is that the dog did not complain or show any sign of pain, it is incredible how strong and resistant they are.

I hope you liked today’s article, I see that every day we are more and more Cane Corso lovers, we are forming a wonderful community that is growing a lot and this makes me very happy. Thank you for being part of the Cane Corsos X-Man family, remember to leave me your comments or questions and we will read you soon.