Today I want to talk to you about the rules that have worked for me to be successful with my Cane Corso kennel, but first remember that if you want to buy a Cane Corso dog in Huddersfield, England you can do it in the following link:

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We are one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Huddersfield, England and worldwide and this is thanks to the fact that we have our world champion X-Man and also to following some fundamental rules that have helped me to achieve success and that I want to share.

Before I want to emphasize something and it is that the idea of success for each person is different, for example, days ago I was with some friends having dinner and each one began to talk about their things, in what they were doing well, in what they were being successful, etc and I began to realize that the idea of my success was not the same as the idea of other people’s success.

Therefore, being successful or being successful for some people can be me eating twice a day or making ends meet and for others being successful means having a luxury car, travelling a lot, having a lot of property, I don’t know, there can be a lot of things.

The point is, the first thing to do is to give our meaning to the word success, what is success for you. For me to be successful is not to look down from the top and say “I am here, I am the best”.

For a long time I dreamed of being able to dedicate myself to the Cane Corso so for me to reach this point, to spend so many years enjoying this spectacular breed and to be able to dedicate myself to what I like is already a success, to wake up in the morning and dedicate myself to what I like is already a success, to wake up in the morning and not have a boss who tells me what to do is a great success for me.

To be able to decide if one day I will take it more quietly or such day I will work much more and I will be around at night, that for me is to be successful when I have the opportunity to decide what to do, I feel super comfortable and super good dedicating myself to what I like and being my own boss or deciding my own things, the decisions are freely mine and I love that, when you do something freely it is something spectacular, for me this also means to be successful.

To have spent so many years and so much time dedicating myself to the Cane Corso, for me is also synonymous with success, when you do for a long time what you like and that I become more passionate every day is a great achievement for me.

Follow these 4 rules to achieve success with Cane Corso

1.Love for the breed: I have seen many people who are starting to be interested in the breed, many people from different countries of the world who are very keen or who tell me that I am going to start doing a job in the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff, I am going to buy you two Cane Corso and start to breed them.

I have seen this so many times but many do not succeed and this is because the first thing you must take into account is the love or affection with which you do things, if you do not put love and affection to what you do things do not turn out well, it is impossible, but when you really see it as a passion the results are different.

2. Consistency: this point is also fundamental because some people start out very strong and stay for six months and then leave or are very intermittent. Dogs need daily cleaning and other continuous care, in other words, without constancy, they will not
you will get results.

3. The conditions: at this point I am referring for example to the feeding, the way the Cane Corso puppies are raised, the physical conditions of the place where the dogs are, all this is very important.

In the matter of food it is important because genetically it influences generation after generation, if the puppies are well fed this will be noticed in their next generations because the body has memory, the dogs will be sick less and will have more muscular quality.

In the end when you have been doing this for 20 years things will turn out much better because you have done the processes well from the beginning.

4. A little bit of luck: sometimes there are people who work well, who do very well and who do very well, but there are other people who despite doing a good job still don’t have the success they should.

Perhaps a little bit of luck also accompanies this process so that everything goes better and so that everything goes better. This is the only point that we would say is not in our
hand that is a little bit outside of us.

What I am sure of is that this stroke of luck will come if you implement the first 3 rules: love, constancy and good conditions.

This article can be summed up with an example, it’s like someone who thinks about having the best apples in the world, but it turns out that you have to take care of the tree that gives the apples, you have to take care of the soil, the fertilizer and you have to water it. The same goes for Cane Corso, you have to think about the care conditions, the products to clean it, the food, the exercise, the education, etc.

I hope you liked the article, you can comment here which of the four rules you liked the most. We will read it later.