where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

//where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles
  • where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

If you are already sure that the Cane Corso is your Breed, and you are interested in a Cane Corso puppy in Hollywood, Los Angeles.  This is your ideal site, your ideal website, Cane Corso Barcelona. We have the best Cane Corso puppies for you. We have been breeders of Cane Corso for 15 years, We work with the best bloodline that of the world champion X-Man. We have the best Cane Corso kennel in the world we have created a space of 20,000 m² to go for our Cane Corso with impressive kennel . At the moment we have black Cane Corso puppies, and we also have blue-gray Cane Corso Puppies X-Men. X-Man gives us an incredible quality of Puppies, we have been selling Cane Corso puppies for 15 years. We have happy and satisfied customers in all parts of the world also in USA in Batavia (New York), Batesville (Mississippi), Batesville (Indiana), Batesville (Arkansas), Bath (Maine), Bath (New York), Baton Rouge (Louisiana), Battle Creek (Michigan), Battle Ground (Washington), Bay City (Texas), Bay City (Michigan), Bay Minette (Alabama), Bay Point (California), Bay Shore (New York), Bay St. Louis (Mississippi), Bay Village (Ohio), Bayonet Point (Florida), Bayonne (New Jersey), Bayou Cane (Louisiana), Bayport (New York), Bayshore Gardens (Florida), Baytown (Texas), Bayville (New York), Baywood (New York), Baywood-Los Osos (California), Beach Park (Illinois), Beachwood (Ohio), Beachwood (New Jersey), Beacon (New York), Beacon Square (Florida), Bear (Delaware), Beatrice (Nebraska), Beaufort (South Carolina), Beaumont (Texas), Beaumont (California), Beaver Dam (Wisconsin), Beaver Falls (Pennsylvania), Beavercreek (Ohio), Beaverton (Oregon), Beckett Ridge (Ohio), Beckley (West Virginia), Bedford (Virginia), Bedford (Texas), Bedford (Ohio), Bedford (New York), and ofcourse in Bedford (New Hampshire). Today I want to talk to you about what for me is the best Breed in the world, the Cane Corso Italiano. The Cane Corso Italiano comes from its cousin and family, the Roman dog, a dog that was used in ancient Rome for fighting in the coliseum and big game, especially that of the bear and the boar. In the Colosseum it was very common to fight the Cane Corso with lions and bears, to entertain the people. The Roman dog was a very fierce dog, feared throughout all of ancient Rome, it was a spectacular breed for protection and, above all, large animals such as bears were used for big game hunting. There are also many stories of the Roman dog fighting in the coliseum and also fighting in first combat with the Roman soldiers. Also the Roman soldiers had the Cane Corso guarding the camp and when they were out in the campaigns and in the wars outside the Cane Corso provided meat to the troops since he was a wonderful hunter.



where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles



The predecessor of the Roman dog was about to disappear, but in the area of ​​Puglia, Italy. Step through the middle There was a long time The Second World War the Cane Corso or the dog that was called Roman was about to disappear. They were very complicated moments for our wonderful breed, very few specimens and all scattered everywhere, it was almost a miracle that today we can enjoy the best breed in the world the Italian Cane Corso. Until some specimens of a Breed appeared that they began to call the Púglia dog, because it was spotted and left in that area of ​​Italy. Back in the 70s a series of passionate lovers in love with the Cane Corso Breed, managed to recover the Cane Corso Italiano breed. It was not an easy task to work together, many people, people that today we have to love and honor, because today we have our beloved Cane Corso Race thanks to this group of people. It was not easy that a series of people organized themselves and some did commercials looking for specimens throughout Italy and others dedicated themselves to recovering the breed in the Málavasi brothers’ hatchery. In the 70s the Cane Corso did the grazing functions in the Italian country houses, also one of the tasks that the Cane Corso was given was the protection of all the machinery, from the tractors and the heavy machinery go to the Cane Corso the faithful guardian. It was the heavy machinery for Italian farmers that was most precious and they sometimes tied the tractor chain to the Cane Corso. The role of the Cane Corso has been changing over time, from the Roman dog that was used in battle and to protect the camp, to the 70s that made herding and protection of heavy machinery in Italian countries, to day of Today In 2020 the Cane Corso has become the best breed of guard and protection for family children. In 2020 we have a strong breed, Unknown to most people but a breed that will soon reign in the world’s dog breeds, The Boom of the Cane Corso will arrive, because it is a breed, impressive. The functionality of the Cane Corso today is that of guardian, of the protector of the family of children, little by little he has changed from that fierce Roman dog that fought in the Coliseum to the functions of guard and protection of what most precious in the family in Hollywood, Los Angeles.  It is surprising how the function of the Cane Corso breed has been changing, and how it has also changed and the character of the great Roman fierce dog has been lowered or minimized, The character has been softened, Since the character was very strong, some breeders have kept that character so strong and have a Cane Corso line with a very strong character for work and guard. As I said the breed has been adjusting to be able to subsist with the passage of time and years. Today we have a breed that is not in danger of extinction. But it is in danger in the quality of many copies, there are many copies that have gone to the boxer and the Neapolitan mastiff and when you look at them more than any other breed than a Cane Corso. That is why I often say that it would be necessary to do a second recovery of the Cane Corso, take some quality contrasted specimens and start doing serious work in a space prepared for recovery. Well as everywhere, sometimes there are people who do a wonderful job and other people who are raising Cane Corso because they do not do such a good job. There is also the work of private owners who sometimes make them a litter and who cannot control not everything is in our hands. But hey, that’s my stuff. It’s things that I think that today the quality has dropped. We have more specimens than in the 70s. Sometimes I think it is of less quality. Tell you that the Cane Corso can live in an apartment, an apartment in a house, the Cane Corso can live inside the house, and the energy of the Cane Corso is very calm and I would say average low. It is not a dog that is going to eat the house the sofas and also the plaster of the floor, it is not a it is a calm dog that only likes contact and being as close to his love. It is a very good breed for sport and for sports people, It is an ideal breed with many positive things and I do not find any negative point The Cane Corso is not like other breeds like the bulldog for example without underestimating that he walks two steps and is tired . For all this, I hope you like all the information I have given you, I hope you contact us to have your wonderful Cane Corso Puppy. What are you waiting for. We have a professional shipping company, which takes care of all the details so that the puppy arrives in perfect condition for your family and arrives in your city in Hollywood, Los Angeles. I only find positive things about what for me would be the best breed in the world.


where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles1

where buy dog cane corso in Hollywood and for sale cane corso puppies in Los Angeles

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