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The Italian Cane Corso dog for me is one of the most important breeds and that it has the longest course in all dog breeds since today it is an unknown breed and that in the future I am very sure that it will be a breed well known.

Today I want to talk to you about how the Cane Corso dog is inside and outside the home



where buy Cane Corso puppy for sale in Billings and breeders of Cane Corso in Montana

where buy Cane Corso puppy for sale in Billings and breeders of Cane Corso in Montana



Where to buy Cane Corso puppies in n Billings, Montana And Cane Corso breeders in n Billings, Montana.
It is surprising that the dog Cane Corso inside the house is a dog with low energy, it changes the behavior of the adults, obviously, that of the puppies inside the house. sleeping they want is to have contact with their owner and to be as long as possible inside the house with their owner.

Cane Corso puppies also sleep a lot and I would say that in general the average is that they have an average energy inside the house, they behave normally very well and sometimes a client called me and told me that their puppy slept a lot and that they had not broken nothing when most times a puppy destroys everything.

The Cane Corso is a dog that calms the expectations of many people since people who like big dogs are a powerful intelligent dog and at the same time, I am going to act as guard and companion dog.

It is surprising many times to see how the Cane Corso is lying on the sofa and kissing the family and children and a noise sounds, someone knows knocking on the door or someone tries to enter and the Cane Corso stands up like a lion to stand guard on the perimeter of your property.

The cane corso is a dog that can live both inside and outside the home. Outside the home, he does the guard very intelligently since his mental balance is intelligence, they make him an almost human security guard because of his intelligence, he is a dog. that it is not his lion, he does not jump to bite the first time, but he always evaluates the situation and changes depending on whether the situation is going to change.

The Cane Corso is looking for a place, to do his thing as his space that is as close as possible to its owner, And if there are two beds prepared for him always choose the bed closest to its owner.

It is a dog that can live both in a small flat with a big house, obviously it needs two walks a day and a minimum amount of exercise.

It is a breed that requires little care, the Cane Corso that loses little hair and in times of loss by brushing it once a week you will avoid having to sweep a lot at home.

The hair of the Cane Corso I am that to remark it does not give allergy.

Of the health of the Cane Corso tell you that it is a very strong breed and that there are no known diseases that are exclusive to the Cane Corso breed but they are diseases of all large dogs such as dysplasia.

So after all this I explained what are you waiting for to have one of our wonderful Cane Corso puppies from our bloodline of the world champion X-Man, in Billings, Montana.


where buy Cane Corso puppy for sale in Billings and breeders of Cane Corso in Montana

where buy Cane Corso puppy for sale in Billings and breeders of Cane Corso in Montana