My name is Juan Manuel Morato, and I am the owner of the world champion X-Man. We have puppies for Cane corso- Italian mastiff for sale in Arkansas, Hot Springs.

If you are interested in the best breed in the world, for me and Cane Corso and Italian today I want to tell you more about the Italian Cane Corso.

Also tell you that at the moment we have new Cane Corso puppies for sale, gray and blue puppies have been born from our world champion, we have a new litter of Italian Mastiff puppies that are ready for you and your family in Arkansas, Hot Springs. We have been working with the Cane Corso breed for more than 15 years and today we have a spectacular quality of puppies and adults worldwide. We have Cane corsonpuppies for sale in all USA,  also Cane Corso puppies for sale in Hot Springs, Little Rock, Bentonville, Fayetteville, Conway, Fort Smith, River Mountain, Johnson, El Dorado, Paragould, and Conclusion.

Because I have explained it many times the time that one has been doing a thing does not assure you quality or being the best, which means by that I mean that although we have been 15 years surely there are always people who have been longer than you or less and can do things better or worse than you, Time only guarantees that you have been that time does not guarantee quality.


where buy Cane Corso puppies in Hot Springs and Italian mastiff puppy for sale in Arkansas

where buy Cane Corso puppies in Hot Springs and Italian mastiff puppy for sale in Arkansas


In order to have an impressive quality of Puppies like the one we have today, many ingredients have been needed, including improving each day of feeding, improving the living conditions of our Cane Corso every day, believing that every detail is important every day, and the most important thing to put affection and love to things.

All these ingredients feeding affection love conditions and taking care of every detail have made us to have a quality of Cane Corso Puppies for sale brutally today.

We worked and we are putting a lot of emphasis in this last year in 2020 to improve our socialization system for our puppies, we have built an impressive new Puppy park for Our super puppies. HERE YOU HAVE IT.



All this is little by little improving our facilities little by little improving our socialization process, little by little improving the temperament and the fixed character, and little by little it will be much better in the future those adults of Cane Corsican.

And taking care of every detail, we are sure that in the end 4 or 5 years from now we will return to hit a rise in quality in the conditions and of course in our wonderful work for the Cane Corso breed.

we have the best puppies  for sale sale  of Cane corso-mastín Italiano in Arkansas, Hot Springs.


That you are waiting to have a wonderful puppy and it has a course in our bloodline we have international transport for you and we can send them to your city and with your family today because we have puppies ready to send.

Today I want to tell you that if you are interested in the best breed in the world for me of course the Italian Cane Corso you are in the right place and at the moment when we have wonderful Cane Corso puppies for you from the line of the best of the best in the line of the world champion X-man so we can offer you a puppy of the living legend of the Cane Corso X-Man the Cane Corso.



We have been with the Cane Corso for around 15 years working for and for the best breed in the world we have solved many problems that other people and other breeders have, why because I have spent a lot of time doing things with love with affection and above all being aware of where we are going and what we want.

And that we want, of course, to offer you the best and best quality puppies in the world, always without forgetting health and character. We work hard and ardently with our Cane Corso puppies. We know how to do socialization and we work hard on it. disease issue in the Cane Corso obviously something can always happen but there we are and our guarantees to be able to cover and always to take care of our clients who are our greatest asset are those that we love our clients.

How it works to be able to reserve a puppy from the X-Man bloodline because very simple after sending photos and videos we make the reservation by Wester union or by bank transfer as you decide and at the moment the puppy is fully paid we send the puppy by our professional shipping company arrives at the cargo area of ​​your airport and only you with your passport can pick up your wonderful puppy, we take care of the whole process with all the documents that we have to do and we adjust to the regulations of your country. Now you Known where  its best place for buy Cane Corso puppies in Hot Springs and Italian mastiff puppy for sale in Arkansas.



where buy Cane Corso puppies in Hot Springs and Italian mastiff puppy for sale in Arkansas

where buy Cane Corso puppies in Hot Springs and Italian mastiff puppy for sale in Arkansas