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Article consists of: Italian canecorso sale

Buy canecorso italiano or adopt

Dogs …….. adopt or buy ?, that’s the question ?, I think NO.

“Hello friends I wrote a comment, the video of the lemons Manuel Torres and as it has become too long and I have invested a while in it, I have wanted to share it, in the assurance that I will receive criticism for it, but also Many, (the vast majority) will agree with me, I also hope to open my eyes to more than one who has never raised any of this.Next I put the text:

After more than 35 years as a director of protection and more than 10 as president, I consider myself with the moral authority to express myself in this respect, I admire all those who adopt dogs in protectors, I believe it is an act of kindness, generosity and courage.

It is not comparable, nor has anything to do (that is why there is a point and separate) but also deeply admire the adopter of a child with physical or mental problems, for me these people are heroes.

With all this I mean that including a new member in your family and a dog certainly is, is always a difficult decision and not without risks.

When you buy a dog from a “Good Breeder” that does not have to be professional, or that is not, it only needs to be “A Good Breeder” Italian canecorso, you never pay what a dog is worth, Small part of the costs that the person who has bred has had, normally not 50% and I tell you about selling a dog for more than € 1000.

Against the “Bad breeder” cane corsoitalino, there are professionals and amateur, have a corral with 20 bitches and a male, all breed in all jealousy and puppies are sold at 300 or 400 € and this is very profitable.

For all this, the good breeders “Professionals” not only raise, but also train, have residences or develop any other activity, related to the world of the dog that really gives them to live. Creating dogs in an appropriate and responsible way is never profitable, it can not be, hours of dedication, trips for mountains and a thousand other things make it impossible.

Loving animals, it is only natural, to include a dog in your life as a member of the family, is something beautiful and very satisfying, but also is to acquire, an important obligation, for many years.

– Advantages of adopting a dog without a breed, in a protector: You do a great good to an animal that needs it, usually have a much better immune system than dogs of breed, most are very grateful and faithful.

– Possible problems, derived from adopting a dog without a race: If you are young or puppy you do not know what size you will have, or what type of character you are going to develop, everything is an unpredictable surprise.

– Advantages of buying a dog breed to a “Good Breeder”: Temperament and size are very predictable, breeds developed in the centuries when people were dying of starving children, therefore utility, functionality Or character are very predictable.

– Problems of buying a dog of race to a “Good Creator”: Its health can be more precarious, because much has been used the consanguinity, to fix the race, you have stopped doing good to the dogs that wait for an adoption desperately.

After all this, I say that of course a dog is not a commodity, but asks someone who has adopted a girl in China, how much it has cost and not why we say that he has bought a daughter, would not be true or fair, but Of course the adoption has not been free.

My conclusion is …… ………. …… we are environmentalists, we take care of the planet, we have or adopt children, we have dogs, adopted or paying a small part of their “production” expenses, never buy a dog To a bad breeder, to one of those dog farms that unfortunately there are so many, but in any case let each one do what he wants, which he simply creates himself capable of doing, without any criticism against anything that is not objectionable And with the utmost respect for the reality of not everyone can be able to be a hero. “

Article is a work of art, therefore nothing to add.

Sell ​​canecorso italiano, all respectable options, buy canecorso italiano, adopt another breed, I of course invite you to know for me the best breed in the world, cane choirs italino.

Buy canecorso italiano adopt