PROBABLY the the best Cane Corso in the world, X-MAN. He make a bloodline, the best bloodline in the breed, HE WAS ALSO the World winner champion X-Man. X-Man is today the living legend of the Cane Corso the most important dog in the breed. X-man was marked and will mark the history in the coming years of the most important breed at the level of expansion in recent years. Today I am going to explain the history of the world champion x-Man when he won the world championship in 2015 in Milan. Good I BEGIN. X-Man I arrive at my house practically with two months, it arrives as great things come easy. I come from Malaga, of course from Andalusia the community of the art of magic X-Man came from there. It was a simple litter a litter made by a private individual without much encouragement to collaborate in the breed and also without any Knowledge about the Cane Corso. I still remember today the day I arrived at my house, in principle it was a puppy that we were going to help a private person to sell to the dogs because the bed was not selling it he was literally eating it.By the time I got home the first day he already slept with me in bed and I knew that he would never move from my side again I would never be with anyone again he would be my personal dog, my love, my friend my partner my everything. Little by little he started growing and having impressive Cane Corso phenotypic conditions, I realized that I was going to be a champion Cane Corso. At the moment, I do realize that I did not have a global image of what the world champion X-Man could be, Today I do have a very global vision and I know that he is a legendary dog ​​and that he will mark a era in the Cane Corso both for what it meant and for its offspring becoming the best player in the history of the Cane Corso breed. When he started competing in beauty exhibitions,



The truth is that we prepared very well all year round, we had a solid project preparing the exam very well and he started at about nine months and in the positions I remember that he had a hamster named Jairo Cuartas and that at the beginning things did not go quite right, if Jairo was taking the dog out and the dog day if not and doing some results after 3 months or so. The truth that at the beginning it cost that good results were obtained, the results of the beauty exhibitions did not arrive but little by little X-man began to reap results he began to do better of race here in Spain and the truth that the evolution was very great When he started to do better of breeds, he did not stop doing better of breeds no matter the place no matter the place no matter if there were few dogs or no matter how many Cane Corso is that the breed was insured, little by little he began to do podium in group two. In my favorite city Granada, X-Man broke it, Starting started doing the best results I can do. A Cane Corso made history when Junior won the Best in Show in June and was the first dog to make group two. Something extraordinary for the time, today there has not been a dog in Spain that has achieved what the world champion X-man has achieved, Today Best in Show on both continents both in the United States and in Europe and champion of the world, and champion in a lot of countries, He has been opening the doors and has been putting the eyes of the Cane Corso race on judges and raja lovers after X-Man here in Spain the judges have begun to look at Cane Corsican with loving eyes. Everything was gradual he was doing a third he was doing some first and he was gradually getting almost always in the final of the podium in group two the most important bomb I think from the beginning of The beginning of the trajectory of examination in the exhibitions was in Granada in Granada 2014 I think it was when being Junior because if they are better Junior Best in Show better but of group two evidently says the breed and for us it was a plus and it was a blow on the table to say here is Cane Corso here is dog slowly we went raising morale and we decided to embark on an in an important story for us that was to get rid of X-man, for three months we talked to one of the most important greats in Hungary with him and his wife is called Norbert and we proceeded to what they did. They will present in Hungary and just as Hungary has a very good position for because it has one hour and two hours practically 5/6 countries. This was a very hard first moment because when you try to make such a big expansion and you know that you have one of the Cane Corso it is more important and that you cannot be going and traveling every weekend and doing 2000 km you understand that it is better that it is with a family and that the trips are half an hour because in half an hour they have 4/5 Countries. So we left it in the hands of this family, And so we could do the championships because I was already in adulthood, at first things did not go well the dog did not go well with Norbert and his wife Beatriz decided to take the dog try to get the dog she better the truth that with Beatriz it worked better and she started to do country championships at the beginning with Norber she didn’t even win the race and it was a bit frustrating for us. After several championships won every day around there without much hope came the World Cup in Milan and due to circumstances he caught us with a bit of a problem in the hospital because in the end we could not attend and from The hospital, we saw how the championships fell why not only did we do the adult world championship and it is better to race with BEST IN SHOW and after all that group two and the fourth Best in Show in the Italian races in the world championship but we also won the baby we won the Puppy that is We made a reservation. From World Junior Champion to Female it was somewhat brutal for me the best results of a cane corso breeder in the history of the breed. The truth was something unexpected but a very big bombshell some days ago I remember with affection and with a lot of emotion everything I lived, what was somewhat shocking the truth is that unexpected for us and from there it was a before and after in everything our work with the Cane Corso after all that, we were very lucky that not only did we have a world champion who is already very important, but that without knowing it we had the best player of all time and in the entire history of Cane Corso the world champion X-Man My world champion became so important, that many people came from all over the world to ride with female champions from other countries. It became so important that many people saw a lot of money on the plain coming from the bike and only saw dollars in it. After parting ways with my partner and my partner, I was tricked into taking my champion to the United States. With deception and false contracts they managed to leave X-Man there for two months. Mrs. Marta García, and Mr. Christopher Dunker, two professional swindlers, with little soul with much ambition and desire to make money, joined, they were, they were breeders in theory of Cane Corso, in theory, they were the architects of such bad misdeed. It took a year OF MY LIFE, to get my X-Man back, it cost me to mortgage my house, and it also cost my health. To this day I am honored and grateful to my angels for all the help they gave me with my X-Man because today I have him sleeping in the bed of my room with me every night. I also thank him for everything I have learned in everything. This process, many times I think that you learn more from negative things than positive ones, that you learn more from the stick and sometimes from bad words than from positive flattery. I hope you contact us soon to be able to have a wonderful Cane Corso Puppy, greetings.




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