Our cane corso puppies are normally weaned 6 weeks of Italian Cane corso puppies of vomiting. Go already eating solid foods. A puppy has more easily switch to a natural raw diet because it is not like in your usual meal and his curiosity is greater, therefore, can try to also change from one moment to another, but in the case of children, it is not to leave them fast because they need daily food in its phase of growth, as it is done in natural diets barf. For our puppies after weaning, we started with the kefir, it can also be natural without sugar though preferably kefir yogurt, The first two weeks after weaning as probiotic (kefir) half-day morning crushed menu that contains everything you need (fish, meat, vegetables, fruit) after having made several diets with different vegetables, fruits etc, that will better our cane corso puppies is meat (necks of shredded chicken, lamb, fish (anchovies) back) Only vegetables of fruit (Apple) (carrot and pumpkin) Menu that we personally twice a month and freeze in our bunkers. Still puppy teeth the teeth are small and have to learn to eat quietly, so crushed menu is a wonderful diet. Also after two weeks of weaning chicken necks, began to make the puppy not to swallow them easily accustomed to Roa in the well. During meal time. We are always monitoring all goes well, that there is order, all eat equal. Our cane corso puppies eat 4 times a day and in small portions, in general the amount of their daily ration should be approximately 8-10% of your body weight up to 6 / 7 months.
Since the half year than niestros cane Corso, can get meals two or three shots a day and reduce to about 6-8%, depending on the size of the cane corso. With a year old your puppy has already an adult dog and that can give the ration in one or two takes and decrease the amount to 1.5% to 2% of their body weight. With the natural food, we believe that our cane corso grow better and slower, but much healthier.