Gerassi Corso Kennels, Owner: Dr. Lazar Gerassi BA, MA, D.V.M .and Dorit Dembin.

In 1990 I became intrigued with the breed. Admired for their strength, warmth and protective nature. I was quite impressed by the remarkable history of the breed and surprised that at the time it wasn’t recognized by the FCI. In 1998, after an extensive search throughout Italy I acquired my first female from Italy – Nelli Puma. She had perfect character and an excellent head but her anatomy structure was not good.

In 2000, after finishing my veterinary studies, I travelled throughout Italy and visited nearly all of the country’s reputable kennels. I studied the breed thoroughly and went on to acquire a number of dogs from the most reputable Cane Corso breeders. The aim was to start my own kennels with a large pool of high quality and genetically diverse dogs.

As a veterinarian with a strong academic background (BA & MA) in animal sciences my vision and work has been to breed, develop and safeguard the true Cane Corso, a powerful, athletic, family-guard and work dog, placing special emphasis on health, character and beauty.

Famous dogs from Italy that served as the cornerstone for the Cane Corso breed were used as the breeding foundation for the Gerassi Corso kennels. With hard work and dedication that has spanned almost 2 decades, I was able to nurture and breed many show quality, champion Cane Corso dogs that have repeated successes in worldwide shows and competitions that surpassed all that I ever imagined.

Gerassi Corso kennel generated three world champions, two young European champions and over 40 Country champions. Some significant achievements for my Kennel were:

  1. Three world winners, two of which were won in the same show, best male and best female (Father and daughter) under two different Italian judges.
  2. A highly esteemed breeder from Italy, the Vito Indiveri Dyrium kennel, requested to mate their bitches with my dog and later sent me pictures stating that the puppies that were born are the most beautiful that they have ever bred. To me this forms a complete circle and it is a great honor to reach the point where leading Italian breeders mate their dogs with Gerassi Corso dogs.

We export only puppies of the highest standard that can proudly represent the name of the Gerassi Corso kennels. To date we have exported only a few dogs, but they are all champion standards and they all contribute to the betterment of the Cane Corso breed in their country.

In the beginning, at the recovering of the breed, in my opinion, some of the dogs that were used were not pure Cane Corso. This is the reason we have different types in the breed like Boxer; Mastino and Great Dane. Some of Mastino breeders in Italy even said to me that the Cane Corso is a Mastino mixed dog.

In my opinion the breed in general is better every year. A few years ago, when I was in big shows, the dogs in the ring were different and not homogenous. A lot of undershoot bite; a lot of Boxers type or Mastino type. I know that some people will not agree with my opinion because we have a lot of champion dogs that are not Cane Corso type at all. Unfortunately, we have even some breeders and judges breed specialists that are not following the standard. Many judges don’t understand the breed standard and this is why we have champion dogs that are not Cane Corso type at all.

But if we take the 10 top Cane Corso dogs today and compare them to the top 10 Cane Corso in 1998, today’s top 10 dogs are better, in my opinion.
They have a better anatomy, movement and character. The most important thing today is to keep the Cane Corso type!!! To preserve the balance between molossid heavy types but not too much with athletic dogs that can move and work. Unfortunately we have lost some of the heavy bones of the breed. I believe that the Cane Corso is “Mastino light” – “Athletic Mastino” without wrinkles. I still think that we should pay as much attention to the anatomy and the right movement as we do to the head expression and type.

I believe that the Cane Corso breed still today, as in the past, contains a great number of mistakes. However, unlike the past, today we have Facebook and the Internet so everybody can see the dogs throughout the world and see the differences. I believe that we can further improve our dogs because we can see many breeders and their work on our computers and we can help each other improve. If we, the breeders, work together we can improve the breed. We should breed to improve the standard and not to fulfil the buyers wishes or to win shows.

Our breed is not homogenous. To improve it, we should breed only Cane Corso type!! We should hold numerous seminars for judges and breeders and show them pictures of the dogs we had in the beginning (our models). We should not use words like “old type” or “new type” we should always say “Cane Corso type”!!!