The best breed in the world its history, origins
The Cane Corso is an ancient Italian breed that comes from the ‘Canis Pugnax’, highly valued in Ancient Rome. The first records of the breed date from the sixteenth century.
From its origins, the Cane Corso has been used for guarding the property and animals, in addition to family protection and big game. He was an escort dog for merchants.
Cane Corso was fierce and determined, as his imposing structure seems to be in the order of his name, because Cane Corso means bodyguard, powerful, robust, strong.
Outside Italy little is known about race, and even in their country of origin, as they fell into oblivion when agriculture was mechanized.
It was in the 70’s when a group of enthusiastic Italian enthusiasts worked to recover the race and to make it known both inside and outside their country.
The Italian Corso was a legendary hunter: the stories speak of the ferocity with which he faced wolves and bears.
From here, from their clashes with wolves, their ear-and-tail cut is born, with their only function that in wrestling with wolves they will cling to their ears or tail. His power became the favorite of the aristocrats, who included him in his packs. Physical characteristics such as short and shiny hair, a black, gray, red or brindle coat, reveal that among his closest relatives, the Neapolitan mastiff is also found in his first cousin.
We are in the fifties, Professor Giovanni Bonatti walks through southern Italy and contemplates an area devastated by war. Among the ruins left by the bombings of World War II sees a compact, agile, strong and intelligent dog that reminds him of passages of classical Italian literature. He asks the locals and he is tying the ropes to the conclusion that, despite the indiscriminate crosses that had taken place for decades, he had found the direct descendant of the famous Corso described by Machiavelli. From that moment an ambitious plan of recovery of the race that lasted fifty years, where Vito Indivieri and Giancarlo Malavasi also took place. The cause attracted to numerous adepts, whose collaboration culminated with the creation of the Society of Friends of the Dog Corso, presided over by this veteran professor, who already had many accurate data. Thus we have the cane corso as a mother