You’ve probably wondered if the food you’re feeding your dog is adequate and healthy. Many people feed dog food to their dogs because it’s convenient, convenient and quick, but let’s face it, dog food is a processed food and, as with humans, that always carries health risks.

Good or bad thinking for dogs?

Dog food is a dry, tasteless and highly processed dry food that is difficult for our dogs to digest, which is why when they eat dog food they need to drink a lot of water so that their stomach can process it. We as professional breeders of Cane Corso dogs always recommend natural food based on raw food, meats, fish, vegetables, etc…

Why should you avoid feeding your dog food?

Feeding our dogs is very important for their health, therefore, we must give them food with quality animal protein.

Many vets, due to lack of knowledge, always advise feeding dogs with animal feed, this is because they are not experts in nutrition as we have mentioned above, it is recommended for the convenience of being able to feed your dog without wasting any time.

Animal feed is a highly processed food with many additives that could eventually lead to illness or ill health for our dogs.

Our dogs are like one of the family, you wouldn’t just feed your child processed food all day long, would you? You would think that it is not “HEALTHY”, it is the same with our dogs, we have to give them a diet rich in natural proteins based on red and white meats from beef and chicken, omega 3 from oils or fish, fruits and vegetables.

Following a natural diet for your dog will make your dog much healthier, prevent diseases and therefore live many more years.

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