We are going to talk about how to feed big or giant dogs, how it should be done, what is the perfect date to wean, and how to prepare little by little their stomach for their future feeding.

Feeding large dogs from 0 to 2 months

When they are born, puppies should be breastfed until they are at least 2 months old. This provides them with all the necessary properties for them to grow in the best possible way: proteins, fats and minerals. We can also give them probiotics. What we do and recommend is to give them kefir with cookie, honey and salmon oil.

When they start teething, we can start giving them some meat. We recommend minced chicken meat, as it is the easiest to digest, it fits well in their stomach and will not cause them any problems with the probiotic. As they are still suckling from the mother, they do not require a too great contribution of meat, therefore, it will be only for them to try it. Previously, we must freeze the meat and thaw it when we want to give it to the puppies. In this way we will avoid many diseases and problems.

Feeding in big dogs from 2 to 5 months

This is the puppies’ weaning stage. We should give them at least 3 daily food intakes. Two of them are going to be meat, we still recommend minced chicken meat, and the other probiotic, which is great for the functioning of their digestive system and so that meat does not give them any problems. The amounts of food should be adjusted according to the growth of our puppy.

Feeding large dogs from 6 months to 1 year of age

These 6 months are going to make the difference because we will progressively pass from giving them 3 daily feedings to a single feeding. Preferably, before they reach 1 year of age.

What we recommend is to keep the two meals at the times that work best for us, and from the third feeding, reduce the amount and distribute it between the other two until there are only two meals a day. And, when 1 or 2 months have passed, we will do the same thing again. We will distribute the food in only one feeding, and from that second one, day by day, we will reduce the quantity.

They will get used to this type of feeding and to this rhythm of eating, but we must do it progressively and little by little.

Feeding large dogs from the 1st year of age onwards

We must give them an adequate feeding according to their size and age. As the years go by, as the dog gets older, we will have to change its feeding depending on its needs. We are the ones in charge of observing our dog and regulating its feeding.

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