Dogs and our older persons the relationship with Cane Corso and our elders, our grandparents.

Is the cane corso a breed among which you would recommend it to be with an older person, our grandparents for example?

Is one of the dog breeds suitable for the elderly?








Is a good therapy a dog like the cane corso for the elderly?

Well I start by answering some of these questions,

my name is juanma morato and i am from Cane corso Barcelona and X-Man barcelona cane corso.








It is the cane corso for me, a breed that is recommended for the elderly, since,

first of all it will be a faithful and incredible companion, the cane corso is always there.

The cane corso is a race with less energy, than other large breeds, to the corso cane if we have done the job well since we were small

and with a good socialization, it is a race that is my controllable, you can almost control them if you are a good leader, with the voice,

They do not pull much of the mail.

The best thing is that having a breed and a dog the size of the cane corso inside the house,









you minimize the chances of 4 Spanish people wanting to steal from our elders, you hear a lot of news here in Spain lately.

For example, deceiving older people, saying they were going to check the gas or water in the house and

taking advantage of the access to the house of the grandparents, they had taken advantage of to rob in the house,

arriving in some houses to hit and threaten our elders.

Surely they are sporadic cases, here the cane corso can do a great job and minimize this type of situation,

also and why not battered women, with a well-trained cane caddy for the risk of these cases,

Infinity of utilities and functions for a race that learns very fast and that for me is the best breed of dogs in the

World .

Good hope you like the article, see you soon friends.