my name is juanma morato from cane corso X-man barcelona

The cane corso is a spectacular Breed that covers all our expectations, covers everything.
there are very active people who love action and sports, the corso cane is spectacular for them.
There are people who are not active, and who like to walk the least, the cane corso adapts to everything, as long as it has its walks, it is not a super nervous race, it is not, it is calm and calm, it is surprising until the tranquility , of some puppies that arrive at their new homes, and behave almost as adults.
Many times the day, the monotony, makes us lose, the wonderful moments with our cane corso.
the routine makes everything we see with a glass fogged with a dirty glass.





And it is a blessing to enjoy every minute of our Cane corso every day.
Our life partner, our family member, he gives everything for us.
And he is always willing to enjoy us, he is always full of love.
Breaking our routine and his will make everything look different, and special.
The routine of walks






the routine give always eat the same.
the routine of always the same time of dedication to our puppies, to our cane corso.
I like to take walks in summer with the cool, when the heat ceases, and it is super good.
it does not matter the place, for the mountain by the beach, for me it is an infinite pleasure, my cane corso and the freedom of the mountain or the beach when there is nobody, you are ONLY.
walking in the morning is fine, socializing well your cane corso, when there are many people, it’s okay, when the city is full of noise, thousands of things that happen, but how nice is the freedom that there is no one .






the routines you have to try to break them some days, it’s good for the mind of the cane corso and ours, is always used to eating the balls of feed and day after day, month after month the same, year after year and only change the brand, Give it a good beef steak one day, and have it happen.
It’s like when you’re eating, a kind of food and they give you something different, you go crazy.
Many times we always pay attention to our cane corso only from 7 to 8 hours because it is the hour that you have finished the work and you have done what you had to do.
and day after day, you create a routine that is the only time you look at it or caress it.
change that is always good, change schedules, it seems, that my Corsican cane motivates them more