what is the differen the dog cane corso to others ?

What is the difference between the cane cane corso italiano, the guard breeds?
The corso cane dog is of all  the best breed.
The difference for me from the corso cane with the guard  would be balance and intelligence.





the cane corso corso  is guardian , it is as we often call it the guardian of the family, the security guard, of the family.
Because we call him a security guard, because I’m giving him a human touch for his extreme intelligence, the corso cane looks at you and you know what you want, when you live with them for a while.
The balance of cane corso is something impressive, see how it behaves with other breeds , with children, I am obviously talking about when the corso cane dog, is well worked or well socialized and that comes from genetic lines safe for the character.



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It is impressive to see how the cane corso can respect the small and very small breeds, and does not impose on them.
How nice when the corso cane arrives from a puppy to another house where there are other dogs of small breeds and the cane corso respects the hierarchy, and does not do to rule and even spend the years and respects and defines when it is already where or triple in size, and does not do it because he is a leader, he is so sure that he does not need it.
The cane corso is an incredibly powerful dog, very strong and that makes the guard function very very well, it is not necessary to prepare the corso cane to keep, the cane corso carries it inside, his instinct takes it.




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The Cane corso is incredibly powerful, but it is not a dog that bites quickly in the guard, always at the beginning, for example if a stranger enters your house or jumps from your house, the corso cane always warns and it costs him to bite , but he always gives his life for his family, which he considers to be.
The cane corso is a molossian dog, large can currently weigh between 60 to 70 kg the males and the strands of 50 to 60 kg.
The corso cane dog has gone little adapting to the times that have run, and has been evolving in the function and type.
At the beginning of the recovery of the breed, the dog of the corso cane race was a guard for the cattle and the machinery in the field, little by little it has gone on to guard the farm and the family, there are many people today, They leave the cane corso inside the house, inside the houses to keep their children and their family.
Many entrepreneurs currently traveling for work and leaving their children and their wife at home, buy a watchdog, after reading and learning has chosen the corso cane as the ideal race to protect their families.





The cane corso apart from being a security guard for the family, is sweet and affectionate with its owners, always looking for contact and is affectionate with children, always attentive and always eager to play and learn.
The corso cane fits very well to the apartments or the city, simply needs the normal as any other dog, good walks and love of its owner.
The cane corso is a dog very attached to its owner and people, and some people that the cane corso, as a guardian can guard the fields or ships, I could do but the cane corso needs human contact, soon will die of sadness.
The cane corso is for me the best race in the world, you can do with the cane corso sport, watered very well, it is not an English bulldog for example that walks a bit and throws himself on the ground saying he does not want more.
The cane corso you can enjoy the beach, the mountain, the pool, it’s like I say an all-terrain dog, a marvel.
WHEN YOU BITE THE CANE CORSO YOU ARE LOST, you can not stop until you have one and then some more.


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My name is juanma morato de corsos from X-man Barcelona -Spain.