Our customers have often asked us how to get rid of parasites that our cane corso dogs can catch in a natural and very simple way, with ingredients that we can have at home. These remedies work for all types of dog breeds!

How to prepare a natural dewormer for dogs?

We will create a natural deworming and repellent against fleas, mosquitoes and ticks that will help to prevent these microorganisms from infecting the skin of our dogs. There are multiple natural antiparasite products that fulfil this function. Here is one that we have tried and tested!

● 300 ml of water
● 15 drops of tea tree oil
● 15 drops of lavender oil
● 200 ml of organic apple cider vinegar (you can also use regular vinegar)
● 5 – 6 drops of geranium oil
● A spray bottle

Mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle and shake the bottle until well blended and ready for application!

How to apply our natural parasite repellent?

Once we have our repellent ready, we must spray our dog from the neck downwards, avoiding the face area so that it does not fall into his eyes, making sure that his entire torso and legs are well covered with the mixture, without leaving him soaked. This procedure should be carried out before the day’s walks, however, this only has an effect of approximately 4 hours, so if after 4 hours after spraying the mixture you have to take him for a walk again, do not forget to spray again, as he must always be protected.

During the summer season, when there are more parasites in the environment, do not forget to check your dog after every walk, even if you have sprayed the mixture, as it is in the grass, countryside or mountains where these little animals are most commonly found.

Once the repellent has been applied, keep it in the fridge to preserve it. It can last for up to 1 week, so we recommend that you do not double the quantities in the recipe, as you may waste ingredients, unless you have other dogs at home.

If you don’t have these ingredients at home and you can’t access them easily, we remind you that there are different types of ready-made natural repellents that you can buy to keep your dog protected, as this is the most important thing.

In conclusion, it is extremely important to keep our cane corso dogs always protected from any invader that could harm them, and in any case that we detect the presence of a large infestation of fleas and/or ticks on our dog, we must take him to the vet so that he can give us the correct guidelines on what to do in this situation.

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