One of the first hoaxes that we had to deal with right at the beginning of Corona virus crisis  COVID-19, specially in Italy, it was that the virus was able to affect pets like dogs, cats,
It is so important to put special interest on that because it was so sad to see how many pets were abandoned all over Italy, specially Rome and Milan. Specially at the beginning when people did not know the truth about it
After a while things seemed to go back to normal specially when the WHO and the Italian government denied all kinds of fake news.


Covid-19 Coronavirus in Dogs1

Covid-19 Coronavirus in Dogs

Today, we have an important study by the German institution Friedrich-Loffer, which offers studies about pets in case of a pandemic. As a result we can say that dogs can’t catch Covid-19
During these troubled times there is nothing compared like the love of your pet close to you
It is a fact that from now on the way we are going to interact is going to change. It has to be agreements within Europe and worldwide to cover all the industries
In my case I am so aware of what the international vets association has to say. Despite dogs don’t get infected ,if we are, we should be protective with them and approach them with face masks and gloves.
In Spain, like in Italy, at the early stages of Covid-19, we saw several people putting face masks to their dogs when they walked them in the street, due to the psychosis created.
Recently the RSCE (The Royal Spanish canine society) said that putting face masks to the dogs was unnecessary.

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Covid-19 Coronavirus in Dogs



Myself, as a cane corso breeder I spend all day long with 20 dogs and puppies and I still so healthy . The dogs can get so stressed if we try to put them on a face mask
What I am about to say, it is something that we were always so alert and now with Covid-19 we take it to the extreme, which is to clean so well where they eat, after they eat, where they drink, their toys etc and do it with gloves
And again if you as an owner, are the one that is infected please ask someone to take care of your dog if you cannot do it or be so extreme when disinfecting your dog tools
I just hope that you find this informations so useful. I am here to help you. My name is Juan Manuel Morato from Cane Corso Barcelona. All the best


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Covid-19 Coronavirus in Dogs2

Covid-19 Coronavirus in Dogs