Today on the Cane Corso Barcelona blog, we’ll talk about this skin disease that can affect more than 10% of dogs. Want to know more about this condition? Scroll down to find out!

What is it and how does it affect?

As we already know, dermatitis in humans is a skin irritation that causes dryness, itching, rashes and can even lead to blistering and swelling. In dogs, it creates inflammation causing itching, an incredible urge to scratch. To better understand, the dermis has a protective barrier that prevents external agents from affecting the skin, and also acts as a thermoregulator for temperatures, a purifier to eliminate toxins, among other functions. When this protective barrier of the dermis is lost and allows the entry of all these external agents, it becomes infected and consequently inflamed, causing a lot of itching and discomfort, creating irritation.

Main symptoms of dermatitis

As mentioned above, these include:

● Inflammation of the skin
● Itching (excessive need to scratch)
● Frequent licking
● Excessive hair loss
● Redness
● Dryness
● Burning (due to itching)

And in some more extreme cases:

● Appearance of rash
● Appearance of scabs and scales
● Appearance of blisters

How to improve and prevent dermatitis?

The best advice is that our cane corso dog is taken to the vet so that he can observe, control it and prescribe a treatment indicated according to the severity of the condition, however, we will leave you some very useful tips for the prevention of dermatitis, especially if your cane corso dog tends to suffer from it.

Change your dog’s diet: this is one of the main reasons why your cane corso may suffer from dermatitis. If you feed your dog food, it is possible that this, thanks to some chemical composition it may have, may cause this irritation. We feed our cane corso dogs 100% natural food, which brings a lot of benefits for their development, growth, strength and skin care. Also, there can be a considerable reduction in symptoms if we perform this advice.

Strengthening of the immune system: with this we will produce a reduction of the allergies caused, and to obtain this, we must include within their diet mainly meat, in this way we can get a little help to contribute to the cure.

Implementation of foods with omega 3: this type of fatty acid will help to reduce inflammation and at the same time improve the appearance of the skin and hair. We can include it in the dogs’ diet through cod oil, salmon, sardines…

Application of moisturising creams and oils: soothing creams with essential oils, neutral shampoos or shampoos containing zinc will help with the dryness of the skin that causes frequent itching. Frequent application is recommended.

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