Title: puppy canecorso

Today we will talk about our puppy canecorso

In this case we will talk about mister morato X-man barcelona, ​​this puppy cane corso is born after 10 years of passion for this breed canecorso

Race that is born in Italy and many people want to know many more things about it.

This dog of canecorso born of an inbred in one of the most important dogs of the breed canecorso Brutus X-man world champion 2015 and one of the canecorsos most used in the last times. With a spectacular character, wonderful type and enviadiable structure, this song is selected for our great program in the Italian canecorso.

Mister Morato X-man Barcelona is born of Father Bis Ch Uracan of the mirage of torrellas and Ch talisman of the Mirage of torrellas, these exemplars are the most important in the last years in our working group.

Uracan of mirage of torrellas one of the best reproductores son of the canecorso X-man and Aphrodite, Ch talisman daughter of Sakura and X-man

We are very proud of this quality of copies after years of working with the canecorso.

Our way of raising is a responsible and familiar breeding, We do not have cages, our dogs live in groups, eat together, and enjoy sport and a healthy and happy life.
We fed our dogs with meat, vegetables and fish the natural diet Barf. If you are looking for a place to sell cane corso, this is your site.

This is our motto: “It is not doing what we like, but we like what we do, what makes life a blessing”

More than ten years experience in selling cane corsos

Enjoying the love of canecorso, selecting temperament and physical potential to have spectacular specimens for the improvement of the breed.

We will be delighted to see you in our paradise fall Italian corso of Barcelona in Spain, it will be a pleasure.

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