When Xman got the title of world champion.

It was something very dreamed very dear, it was something for which he had fought, and it was something that at the beginning was an eclusive challenge,

We had already gone with X-Man, to other great shows and great dates with many aspirations and we had returned without the fruits we wanted.

So, we put small deadlines, we made a program of expenses, to cover all shows, hotels, handlers until the world.

Our program was ambitious and consisted of less to more, so that when arriving at the world champion  one it was a reference dog,

known and who would have won many small beauty shows. And we set off .

Little by little everything was appearing, and little by little everything was happening.




I remember how about a month after the X-Man World Cup in each beauty show created admiration and the physical conditions of that moment were top,

I was not only winning the breed, but I was making 1 of the group Molossians from Group 2.

A few days before and with everything ready to start the trip to milan, I had to stay in Barcelona for family reasons.

It was then when I can not see my dream fulfilled in 1 person, it was fulfilled and I was able to live it from the hospital.

From there I got all the news, the little ones won the best baby in the world,

uncynical one of our female to vice world champion, and when I got the last photo, I could not believe it,

I got the photo of 300 people taking pictures and X-Man on the podium of honor, it was something magical and unique, something out of series and that I will never forget,

I take it with the beautiful things that I have lived, Many unique moments.






After the World Cup, what moved X-Man, was something incredible, it was the new gray champion of the new era,

since until then I had never won any gray Cane corso.

There were many people who wanted to use the new gray world champion.

I hope you like it

My name is juanma morato

Of Corsos de  X-Man.