Cane corso puppy barcelona

The champion returns home
I am Juan Manuel Morato and I am writing today to welcome to X, why Brutus x-man has returned home. I find it amazing that after all our efforts and 15 long months of continuous struggle, now have our Cane corso, champion with us. If I had to describe what we have been up to that day when I came back to have him in my arms, it would be like describing the sensation you experience to ride a roller coaster. When I took my dog I felt deceived, sad, angry, sorry… and as time passed the frustration in my growing up and the emotional impact that caused me the loss of X, increases unceasingly. My attempts to retrieve it were unstoppable, because within my bilge that X would return with me.
And that day came. When I saw him, I wanted to touch him, hug him, kiss him… Make you feel how much I missed him, but X wearing a sentimental baggage and initially cost him emotionally back to that was.
But our bond returned to resurface as rises the Phoenix from its flames, thus being born a new relationship full of strength and hope. Now X returns to him. A dog with an unbeatable power, full of goodness, with an unmatched intelligence, anyway… X is clear and perfect example of the Cane corso.
X is special and now if I say high and clear that Brutus x-man is my dog and has buleto home. While it is true that the magic of Christmas exists, I say that this year I have been able to experience it firsthand, because now I feel full, why have to return me that part of me, because now I have with me my dog, my champion, my colleague , my X.

Juan Manuel Morato.