If you are interested in a Cane Corso in Bridgeport-Connecticut. I want to tell you about what for me is the best breed in the world.
After many years breeding Cane Corso we have many puppies sold in all parts of the world we also have Cane Corso puppies sold in Clemens, North Carolina, Clemson -South Carolina, Clermont-Florida, Cleveland-Mississippi, Cleveland,Tennessee, Cleveland, Texas, Cleveland,Ohio,Cleveland Heights-Ohio, Clewiston- Florida, Cliffside Park, New Jersey,Clifton (New Jersey), Clifton (Colorado), Clifton Heights (Pennsylvania), Clifton Park (New York), Clinton (Mississippi), Clinton (Missouri), Clinton (Iowa), Clinton       (Maryland), Clinton (Michigan), Clinton (Massachusetts), Clinton (Massachusetts), Clinton (Connecticut), Clinton (Illinois), Clinton (Oklahoma), Clinton (North Carolina),  We work with the line of the world champion X-Man, which gives us a quality of Cane Corso puppies superior for you in Bridgeport-Connecticut.
Today I want to tell you about the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff the great unknown of the dog breeds,
A young breed that will surely go from a minority breed to a majority breed in the future because it has all the positive points to grow and make the point among all dog breeds. It is a breed that today is not considered a dangerous breed,
Therefore, it is very streamlined and it is very comfortable and very easy to acquire a Cane Corso because you do not need to do any intensive course or any psychotechnical test as for other breeds here in Spain such as the Dogo Argentino or the Rottwaler.
The Italian Cane Corso is not what it looks like it seems like a super aggressive breed sometimes aggressive but instead it is a sweet loving and strong breed. The Cane Corso is a charming, affectionate dog that makes the Cane Corso love you very quickly, and in a second you will end up making a place for the Italian mastiff in your heart. You will also end up making a place for yourself in your bedroom and in your bed. The history of the Cane Corso descends from the Roman dog a dog that existed in ancient Rome a large dog that in those times, the Roman or ancient Cane Corso dog was a strong dog and an animal considered war was very popular with bear fights and lions in the roman coliseum. He was in the front line of battle with the centurions, and many times armor has been found for the great Roman dog, armor that protected him from the arrows and swords of his opponents. The first records of the Cane Corso date back to the time of the 16th century when some Italian peasants used it to keep Corrales farms and used it for wild boar hunting later in 1970 the process of recovery of the breed began. When a handful of Cane Corso lovers managed to recover some specimens scattered throughout Italy, they made a recovery process in a German shepherd’s kennel (At the house of the Malavasi brothers) After this we honor and thank all these Cane Corso lovers because today we have a strong and powerful reason that will be expanding in the future.
As for the physical characteristics of Cane Corso it is a large dog a powerful dog a dog that the most important characteristic of character and temperament is intelligence is a great guardian for family and children in Bridgeport-Connecticut.
The Italian Cane Corso can both stand guard outside the home and indoors. The standard and Wikipedia tells us that a male weighs between 45 and 50 kilos, although the quality is different because there has not been a world champion for 10 years that has less than 60 kilos.
Body of the Cane Corso its strong robust body is an extremely elegant dog it is a dog with a shiny coat and short hair and it does not cause allergies the head of the Cane Corso is very wide knows slanting eyes and a nose and a date and a snout more shorter than the skull.
Italian usually has a life expectancy of between 10 and 12 years.It is a breed that has very strong health, it does not have diseases that are of the breed, but they are diseases of the losses of large dogs such as dysplasia. What are you waiting for to have a wonderful Cane Corso puppy from our bloodline, we are ready to send your new family member with you and your city in Bridgeport-Connecticut.


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