If you’re looking for a big, balanced and confident dog, you’ve come to the right place. This article is aimed at lovers of the Cane Corso breed and those interested in learning more about their puppy stage, the age at which they open their eyes, their care after birth, among others.

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What you need to know about Cane Corso puppies in Oklahoma

The litters and their care

During the delivery process of puppies born in the renowned Cane Corso kennels in Oklahoma city, there is always a veterinarian in charge to ensure that everything goes smoothly and to intervene when any complications arise.

Usually, in our kennel, deliveries are performed with few complications but sometimes cases arise where a puppy comes turned around or may be stuck and it is necessary to perform a cesarean section. We always have a veterinarian to help us in these risky situations.

After the delivery other dangerous situations can also occur, for example that the mother cannot feed her puppies, in these cases we have defined a feeding plan that I made together with my team to guarantee the health of the dogs.

What does this feeding plan consist of?

At the beginning it is necessary that the Cane corso puppies drink their bottles every two hours, that is, at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8… the truth is that it gets a bit tedious because you spend the whole day warming up milk and sleeping little, that is why I always have a person as a relief to make this work more bearable.

It is also necessary to stimulate the puppy to do its basic needs, it is a task that the mother does, but if for an extraordinary case she cannot do it, we assume this responsibility.

Months ago we received some litters that needed all our support and although I don’t deny that it is an exhausting work it is also very satisfactory. Today I am very grateful and happy to contribute in the development and growth of my Cane Corso puppies.
At what age do the Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff open their eyes

There is a lot of information on the internet about this subject but here I will talk from my own experience with my Cane Corso puppies. This information is not mathematical, normally an Italian Mastiff can open his eyes from day 15, this process is gradual and not all the puppies of a litter do it at the same time, some can open their eyes on day 17, for example.

Care of a Cane Corso dog during and after gestation

The gestation process of a Cane Corso dog can last from 30 to 63 days and it is essential that she receives an additional supplement or overfeeding, that is, she has to multiply her food routine almost by two. It is not the same to feed an adult Italian Mastiff dog that is in constant activity than a pregnant dog that has several puppies in her belly.

During the first two or three days of delivery I help the mother with her puppies giving them some Royal Canin milk (it can be with colostrum or without colostrum) to avoid as much as possible that some of the dogs present some decompensation.

In the course of these two or three days I also check that the mother’s milk is well. In addition, after delivery or a cesarean section it is important to constantly measure the mother’s temperature, these processes must be taken into account because they can affect the milk and therefore the puppies.

The correct temperature of a Cane Corso mother should be between 38º and 39º, if you observe that it is above 39.5 it is already a warning that something is happening with the mother.


As you can see for me Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff dogs are not only a breed, they are beings that need our care and love since their gestation process and growth stages.

Sometimes complicated situations arise that personally affect me emotionally because they are beings that have earned all my love, yet I am passionate about my work because I am a lover of this breed and because I want you to find Cane Corso dogs in Oklahoma City healthy, strong and happy.