Today we bring a topic that is extremely recurrent within our community and something that people are very curious about, and that is whether or not giving food to our cane corso dog is the best thing for him or not.

Should we feed our dog food?

It is true that it is very practical and easy to take our dog’s bowl and fill it with dog food when it is time to feed him, especially if we are busy people who don’t have time to prepare delicious things for ourselves. It is a convenience that the processed food industries have created for us that has been maintained over the years, however, it is the only pro they have, as dog food is unnatural and harmful.

Feed pellets are actually very unpalatable to our canines, they are tasteless and not at all easy to digest and that is why they need to drink a lot of water after eating. We are living beings, and as living beings we need quality food to give our bodies the energy and health they need. Can you imagine us eating processed pellets every day?

Dogs have been domesticated over the years, but that does not justify the lack of nutrition in dog food and its widespread availability on the market because it is an easy and convenient food for us. We have, as a society that has evolved in the same way, to learn to respect the nature of our canines. We have to look for foods that contain high levels of protein and high biological value, always seeking an optimal state of health for our dogs.

Why is natural food the best for our dogs?

One of the reasons we can give is that it helps to delay and prevent many canine diseases and pathologies, something that feed does not prevent. We at Cane Corso Barcelona always recommend our community to feed their canines according to the BARF diet, a diet based on 100% natural food which includes proteins such as beef, poultry and fish sources of omega 3 such as sardines. Also, vegetables and probiotics such as kefir or yoghurt.

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