Today on the Cane Corso Barcelona blog, we bring a topic that can be very intriguing within our community and something that people are very curious about: why does our dog eat the grass? If you want to know about its causes and whether we should worry about it or not, scroll down!

Many people tell each other that dogs need to purge somehow, but this is not entirely true. The truth is that eating grass does not pose a health risk to them that we should be concerned about, however, as the law of life tells us, too much of everything is bad.

What are the reasons why a dog eats grass?

Dogs often ingest grass for two reasons:

The first is to detoxify and the second is that they want to solve with that intake some gastrointestinal problem they may feel. For example, if they have eaten something that is upsetting their stomach, they will gag and then vomit, having eaten the herb to cleanse their stomach. The herb contains a substance that causes irritation in the stomach that immediately causes them to reach this state.

Another reason why they may ingest grass is because there may be a notable lack of fibre in their diet, and this will be seen more frequently in dogs that are fed purely dry feed or other industrial foods. Grass, as it contains a high fibre content, can solve this problem momentarily, however, it is not the most suitable, so at Cane Corso Barcelona, we recommend 100% natural food, where you can provide your dog with the ideal amount of fibre that his body needs.

There are also other reasons, a little more secondary, which can be broken down into causes such as the fact that they find the taste of grass very pleasant and in moments of survival, it is an instinct that they have adopted from their ancestors, the wolves.

What are our recommendations?

– If they are going to eat this grass, it is preferable that they do so in natural and green areas, such as fields, meadows and forests, so we can ensure that this grass will not be sprayed with pesticides or insecticides that can harm our canine, but in any case, we must make sure before they try it.

– Be very careful! There are plants that can be harmful to the health of our dogs. It is better not to feed him that plant if we don’t know it, to avoid any discomfort.

– It is very important to keep an eye on the internal deworming of our dogs. In puppies, the deworming process should be done before the first vaccination, from the age of 6 months onwards the dog should be dewormed every month and in adulthood every 3 months.

– If we notice that our dog is consuming a lot of grass, we should contact our vet so that he can tell us what steps to take to cure him, as it would be a totally out of the ordinary consumption. It could be that he has a gastrointestinal problem or severe digestion difficulties that could lead to gastritis.

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