We are professional breeders of cane corso and we are going to explain you some things about this amazing breed.

Cane corso dog in London

For me, the best breed of dog to deal with children is the Italian cane corso.
I have spoken about it many times, it has an amazing temperament with family and children.

For us as cane corso breeders in London, it is very important today to define the cane corso as the great guardian of the family and children in 2020. They are a very quick learner and you can set their boundaries very easily.

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It is a dog that can also be with the family, both indoors and outdoors.
The cane corso is very well balanced with children. He puts up very well with the games, sometimes the naughty games of the children, and the cane corso puts up with them patiently.

Never a bad gesture, never a bad face.

The socialisation process of the cane corso or Italian Mastiff is very important. We are talking about a breed that often reaches 60 and sometimes even 60-odd kilos in an adult male. Therefore, he has to have an impressive socialisation to be with the family and children.

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There are many things that need to be worked on in the age that the puppy is from birth to 4 months for us to have that super cane corso with the family and children. We have our puppy park, where we work on all the situations, textures, so that the puppy, when it arrives to a new home, will have a spectacular mind and in the future will have an impressive temperament and character.

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