We have amazing Italian Mastiff puppies, if you are interested and live in london UK , we can ship to you.

You can have your amazing puppie of cane corso in 1 week .

the documents of your puppies of cane corso will be FCI DOCUMENTS , with a pedigree of a world champion line, the best line the line of X-man ( the best of best )

1 super litter black puppies ready for send to  london uk .




Italian Mastiff price, italian mastiff for sale

Our cane corsos in corsos de x-man

they cane corso is medium to large in size, very robust and strong, but elegant at the same time.
We are in Barcelona Spain , we ship cane corso to all the world. uk

cane corso for sale uk 3We have Italian Mastiffs for sale to send to Cane corso london uk
How do we work?
We work with the best professional cargo ship company, after the puppy is ready to ship to Cane corso uk london, we make all documents and cerficications for shipment by ship, and prepare all documents for custom.

Your Italian Mastiff puppy will be sent in the best conditions, with all vaccines and chip in order.
We are a professional kennel for this reason you don’t have to have any problems or worries with us.




cane corso for sale uk 4After the payment is ready , we need around 2 or 3 day for your puppy arrived to your home. we do all , the custom , the documents ( internacional passport, and a healthy certification ), we have bill and guarantee of healthy 1 year.
Last step is with your passport , you arrived at the zone of cargo of uk , and you picked your amazing super puppy .
we have many many friends and good clients in Cane corso uk. Happy customers.


cane corso for sale uk 5

I want to present Our Italian Mastiff Kennel

My name is juanma morato from corsos de X-man and I am an Italian Mastiff breeder

Our passion with the Cane Corso was born many years ago, when we founded the affix of “La Mirage de Torrellas”, becoming in a short time one of the best affixes of Cane Corso in the world. In our passion for Cane Corso has made us travel all over the world, showing cane corso in shows and winning the highest world prizes. We have the honor, on our campus, of having world champions and vice junior canine beauty champions in cane corso .
2015 we made the world champion X-man cane corso, in milan world dog show. cane corso breed.
In 2018 we had the honor of making 2 more baby world champions and two other vice world champion cubs, at the 2018 World Championships in Amsterdam, in cane corso breed .

cane corso for sale uk 8


Today with FCI Affix: Corso X-man Barcelona. Our way of raising is a responsible and familiar breeding program of cane corso., We do not have cages, our cane corsos live in groups, eat together and enjoy sports and a healthy and happy life.
We feed our dogs following a natural diet Barf, based on meat, vegetables and fish.
we do our own menu for our puppies of cane corso.
We work the fitness and health of our dogs in our pool designed specifically for them.

We have been selecting the character and phenotype of Cane Corso for many years, making crosses with exceptional characters and performing character tests before crossing. In our cane corso breeding program, only the best examples of beauty, character and health are part of it.
we work with cane corso from the early age, since they are with their mother ,with puppies also.
we live with our cane corso, with our puppies and our dogs, this is very important, we give them a bottle if necessary, staying without sleep for months, that is the cane corso passion.

cane corso for sale uk 8

cane corso for sale uk 8

We carry out all the socialization phases of all our puppies, so that in the future our clients enjoy happy and balanced specimens.
we use all kinds of noises, we work with my nephews, so that on weekends they come home and touch our puppies, and so they can see from the cane corso or the kids,
this is very important, because many of the most frequent questions about the cane corso are :
I have children, how is the cane corso with the children?
I leave here a video of mine also a small explanation of
why buy a cane corso ?
they are videos from our you tube channel.