I am Juan Manuel Morato and today I write for MY CONGRATULATIONS TO MY DREAM TEAM and above all to my X-man, why Brutus X-man rewrites history his descendants in the 4 continents to this day. X-man has today 29 March 2018, 5 years old

incredible that after all our efforts and fifteen years of continuous struggle,

When I look back I can not be more satisfied, more honored and happier.

Very happy after the theft by Dunker and Marta Garcia to have it with me.

And that day arrived. When I saw him, I wanted to touch him, hug him, kiss him … Make him feel how much I missed him, but X brought with him a sentimental baggage and at the beginning, emotionally cost him to be what he was again.

But our bond resurfaced again, as the phoenix rises from its flames, giving birth to a new relationship full of strength and hope. Now X is him again. A dog with an unbeatable power, full of kindness, with an unparalleled intelligence, anyway … X is the clear and perfect example of Cane corso.

X is special and now I can say loud and clear that Brutus X-man is my dog ​​and he has returned home. While it is true that the magic of Christmas exists, I affirm that this year I have been able to experience it in the first person, because now I feel complete, because they have returned that part of me, because now I have my dog ​​with me, my champion,