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We are one of the best breeders of Cane Corso dogs in Bradford England, our Cane Corso puppies come from the international champion X- Man. In addition, we have some spectacular Cane Corso dogs that guarantee the origin of an extraordinary breed and surely one of the best Cane Corso dogs in the world.

I want you to know the Cane Corso X Man of our kennel, their aesthetics and temperament are incredible. Here I will describe a little the characteristics of each one and why they are so special for the preservation of the breed.

X Cane Corso X- Man females

She is the queen of the Cane Corso empire, she is together with the world champion X-Man, they are the most important dogs in our paradise. She is one of the great reproductive females in our kennel and has given us an impressive quality of puppies.

In her character she keeps a little bit of distrust towards strangers, she has a strong temperament but at the same time she is affectionate and kind. Nowadays she is one of our Italian Mastiff dogs with great size, lots of bone and type.

She is one of our great panthers, that is how we call her because she gives us an impressive black asabache colour. Besides, she has a very good size and temperament, she is a very sweet dog with other people and very educated. Chita is one of the most important breeding females in our Cane Corso kennels in Bradford.

She is one of the dogs in our kennel to whom I provide a great future. She is currently taking part in the circuit of beauty positions, her balanced temperament is impressive, she is characterized by her great static, top line, hands, bone, her beautiful face and perfect head lines.
She is one of the Cane Corso dogs of great importance at world level, daughter of course of the world champion X-Man. I’m sure that this dog will be sooner or later world champion.

A smile sprouts from my face when I talk about Rubi, I call her cat woman and she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Aesthetically she has one of the most imposing heads in our kennel, she is impressive, and she has given me some incredible litters, with good structure and bone.

I am super grateful with Rubi, for her all my love, respect, care and affection.

She is one of the most important females of this paradise, for me she is the vice-president of the place, after Talisman she is one of the most outstanding in temperament and affection.

She is very active, she spends all day playing ball, she has a lot of bone, excellent poise, an impressive top line and a very strong head and snout.

Also known as sweet, she is a dog with an impressive temperament, she is always very active and in constant movement, it is incredible the desire that she has to work, she has a lot of power, for something she is one of my favorites.

I love working with her, she is always attentive to orders and she is a dog that has earned all my love. It is worth mentioning that one of her children is I am Luka in Barcelona.

Junior Vice President:
A very important dog in the kennel, she is one of the queen breeds. She is a dog with a very strong guard temperament, she has a lot of character but at the same time she is very sweet and affectionate. She is super obedient and well-behaved, has one of the best characters and is one of the most beautiful types we have.

What the puppies of these Cane Corso females are like

The descendants of dogs from our Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff females have a very balanced character, their breed being large and intelligent. In addition, I have named the Cane Corso as the guardian of the family. If he sees a stranger he will warn you but I assure you that he will not do anything else, nor will you have any problems with the neighbours.

He is a dog that loves company and can adapt to any situation, that is to say, he can be a couch potato at home and the most playful and active when he is in the street. He is also very obedient and understands orders immediately.

The Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff is very patient with children, when he is a little tired of his mischief he walks away but never attacks them. It is a breed that by its aesthetics becomes very powerful but at the same time has a lot of control over itself.

For these and many other reasons more and more people are deciding to buy a Cane Corso dog in Bradford England.